A mini-vacation to the Outer Banks

This past week was my spring break, so we made plans with Nima and Emma to take a couple days and head down to the Outer Banks for a mini-vaction...and a BIG MOMENT!

This is the beach house we rented for the two days...
I had actually stayed there once before for a women's ministry retreat because one of church's deacons owns it. It is a GREAT house and we thoroughly enjoyed relaxing at such a lovely spot beside the beach.
Day 1: We wondered around Corolla, strolled down along the beach, grilled kabobs and chilled in the hot tub.

Emma found this shell...
little did she know that this was only the beginning of a storybook weekend.Day 2: We packed a picnic lunch and headed to the Hatteras Lighthouse.
Along the way...we drove through Rodanthe...
here's the house from the movie Nights in Rodanthe, pretty cool.
We saw kits being flown at Kitty Hawk and people kiteboarding.
It was the perfect day to fly a kite and just beautiful out!
Finally, we made it to the Hatteras Lighthouse.
Emma and I had never been to a real lighthouse.
It was beautiful so I grabbed my camera and took LOTS of pictures before we started our climb to the top.
Then we started the climb to the top,
little did Emma know what was in store upon arrival at the top!

After much celebration, we began the climb down taking engagement pictures along the way.
(Engagement post to follow on the photography blog.)
Adam giving Nima the thumbs up on a job well done!
Adam and I grabbed a shot together.
After many pictures at the site of the proposal, we jumped back in the car and headed back towards the beach house. On our way back, we made a pitstop at the Bodie Island Lighthouse for a few more pictures.
That night everyone got all gussied up for a celebratory dinner out at a fabulous seafood restaurant.
It was a fun-filled and relaxing weekend and we are so excited for Nima and Emma's future together. Congrats guys!

Photo Alert

New Portraits on the photography blog...check out Levi's Easter and 1st Birthday portraits!

My latest project

I've started a new blog with the help of my students...it's still a work in progress, but in the next month or so it will debut the writings of many of my students as they share about their experiences as English Language Learners and what it was like for them to move to a new country where they had to acclimate themselves to a new culture where they'd also have to learn a new language.

Feel free to check out my new project... http://kaleidoscopeofculture.wordpress.com/ Right now it's just an introduction, but in the coming weeks it will begin to come together and will hopefully be helpful in encouraging future English Language Learners.

Shelby's Bachelorette Weekend

A few weekends ago, Shelby came into town for her bachelorette weekend.
The weekend began with her bridal shower at my mom's where everyone showered her with LOVE.
Me and the Bride...if only our Barbie's could see us now!
Shelb and her Maid of Honor...doing a prom pose because of the corsage.
The OSL bridesmaids with our bride
Shelb and her out of town girls.
Shelb and her Mom
Red Velvet cake cupcakes
Linds labeling all the gifts with story prompts, so Shelb could entertain us with stories about her, Justin and their relationship.
Everyone enjoying the shower festivities...

Gift time!!!
Shelb was showered with tons of beautiful things for hers and Justin's future home together and there were plenty of laughs had by all.
My mom toasted Shelb as the shower came to an end.
A shot of Shelb and all her bridesmaids to wrap up the shower...love these girls...

Then it was off to Norfolk to get things ready for the evenings festivities.
We got the hotel room ready for Shelb's lingerie shower that would kick off the evenings festivities and then Shelb's entourage got all gussied up.
Must haves for the bachlorette...
The ladies celebrating with the bachelorette.
Shelb got lots of goodies for the honeymoon...
Then it was off to No Frill for dinner followed by a night out on the town.
Can't wait to celebrate the Big Day with Shelby and Justin in San Antonio!

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