Dinner Club Recipe Book

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Laura Bilbrey and I recently collaborated on a recipe book for dinner club. We gathered a collection of memorable dishes from everyone involved and put them all together with pictures we've taken over the past three years of dinner club. I can't believe it's already been three years!! I cannot wait for the finished book to arrive in the mail!!! Such great memories!

photo Alert

A couple weeks ago I went out to Clarksville, TN to visit Shelby and to meet her new daughter, Adrienne Marie. I will post more about the trip soon...I have a few posts to get caught up on this here blog, but in the meantime...enjoy a few shots of this beautiful bundle of joy!

Your Auntie Jess loves you Adrienne...and your mama too of course.

Photo Alert

Check out my latest portrait session with the Jarrets. Their boys are all smiles and were a joy to work with plus I love how springlike everything feels in the photos.
Enjoy! And Happy Easter!

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