Shelby and Justin's Engagement Party

My mom, Cola and I took the opportunity to throw Shelby and Justin and engagement party when they were home for a visit over the holidays.

The beautiful details for the party.
The bride and groom...our guests of honor!
Time with family
and friends...
Shelby and Justin even asked Adam to officiate the wedding...what an honor!
And toasts to the bride and groom of course!
It was a great time of celebration...
We all can't wait for the big day to arrive! Less than 100 days now!

Snow people

Snow people laying out by the pool!
Can you see it?

Christmas Day 2010

We started out Christmas morning at the Herndon's and Samson came along to lend a paw.
He LOVED opening presents.
We got Evan and Amy a date in (manly cookbook and DVD) and a date out (movie tickets and restaurant gift card).
Evan and Amy got Robin the COOLEST snowman...he goes in the bathroom and has a sensor, so he'll actually talk to you and say things like, "You're looking a little FLUSHED."
Samson helping out.
A mat for Evan's protect the new deck.
Adam's Xbox connect gadget.
I got some framing for my new photo gallery I'm creating in the stairwell at our house.
Amy was SUPER excited about her landscaping plan.
We got the Herndon's a bluray player and their first bluray DVD.
After sticky buns and gifts...we headed over for Christmas morning at the Barkers.
Anna wearing many of her gifts- hat and apron.
Adam got the COOLEST nutcracker.
My parents excited about their new Kindles.
Adam's ipad cover for his soon to be ipad!
A sisterly shot in our new aprons...mine is me right!?
After Christmas morning wrapped up with zeppilis, we headed home to get ready to host Christmas dinner and Samson enjoyed his own Christmas gift.
My table set for Christmas dinner.
The house decorated for the holidays.
We actually had a WHITE Christmas!

Calling for votes!!

I've really been enjoying my new photography hobby over the past couple years and I am finally ready to put up some prints in the house. I am going to start a small gallery space on the wall over my stairwell. Here's where you come in...I have picked through my photos for some of my favorites from the past year and now I need you to vote for your favorite FOUR! Two will be 8'x10' and two will be 5'x7'. I'll compile your comments and finally have my prints made.
ENJOY and thanks for chiming in!
I hope you'll comment with your votes to help me start my hall gallery!

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