Christmas Day: Dinner

Originally we were supposed to be traveling to Northern Virginia with the Herndon's Christmas day, but plans changed at the last minute. Instead we had Christmas dinner at our new home with Mom, Brad, Anna and Will. The only thing was we hadn't planned on making Christmas dinner, so we decided to combine our Christmas celebration with the what's a Jew to do day celebration. What is that you may ask? Chinese food and a movie of course (we saw Sherlock Holmes later that night). Anna liked it so much, she thought we should make it our yearly Christmas day tradition. We'll see about that, but I do know that I loved having everyone for Christmas dinner at our house and after mom's busy Christmas Eve, it makes sense to possibly be the new tradition (give or take Chinese food)!
I was even able to set the table with my Christmas china to make things that much more festive.
We hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as we did!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Christmas Day: the Barkers

Next it was over to the Barkers for Christmas morning round two.
Anna and I got the cutest Willow Tree figurines from mom that mean "someone loved".
Adam got some lovely clothes for work.
Mom got some new clothes to wear on her trip to Paris.
(A cute jacket and a comfy outfit for the plane ride.)
Brad got some sweaters for the trip and new PJs and books.
Then mom was surprised by the cutting machine she had wanted last Christmas and forgotten about over the past year.
Anna got all kinds of books, some DVDs, a new jewelry box and then we gave her a valor outfit and itunes gift card from us.
Adam was thoroughly surprised by a coat that he had wanted, but thought was sold out in his size at Macy's. Mom and I were sneaky and totally tricked him!It's neat because the sweatshirt part of the jackets zips out to change the look.
Once again Samson had fun helping clean up the left over wrapping paper.
Our big gift from my parents was our new grill, which was delivered to the house a few days before Christmas! IT IS AWESOME! We've already cooked on it twice since Christmas.
I got some new clothes and a beautiful antique punch bowl with matching glasses as well.

Mom's big surprise was her anniversary gift, a gorgeous new ring from Brad!
All I can say is that we are so spoiled!

Christmas Day: the Herndons

Christmas morning started bright and early at the Herndon's. We headed over with Samson to enjoy cinnamon rolls and open gifts.
Samson and Auntie Amy
This year's theme according to Ev: Big things in small boxes, small things in big boxes.
Ev's birdfeeder
Evan's speaker system
Robin's family tree frame
Amy's earrings
My big gift in a small GPS/ heart rate monitor...half marathon training here I come!

Cool home themometer
Spirit fingers...Ev knows the girl who invented these gloves and UVA recently got on board with them. GO HOOS!
Because we're headed to Italy this summer for our five year anniversary, the Herndon's gifted us their remaining Euro coins from their Rome trip last summer.
Even Samson joined in on the gift opening. Here he is openning his own toy.
He had a lot of fun with all the wrapping paper.
The Adam's big moment at his parents...his new tool box/organizer.
As always it was a very merry Christmas at the Herndon's.
From there we headed over to the Barker's, while Evan and Amy headed to the Vaughn's and Robin and Ev headed to northern Virginia for Xmas dinner with Robin's family.

Christmas Eve

After Christmas Eve services at church (during which Adam did part of the preaching this year), it was time to head over to mom's for Christmas Eve dinner. Here's the appetizer spread of anti-pasta and dessert as well as her table for dinner.
Cola's Buche Noel in honor of their trip to Paris for New Years.
The party kicked off as everyone arrived.
Many friends and family were in attendance this year.
Some yearly shots: siblings
Me and my his Christmas sweater
Some OSL attendees...
our extended family as Haley put it when she was talking to Robin.
Shelby couldn't be with us in Virginia this year, but she was still in attendance because we were able to Skype with her! I couldn't get a good picture of her on the computer...but trust me, that's Shelb!
The big kids table
Will with Samson, Adam's Christmas gift
After dinner, there was a toast to Jane and her new hubby as well as some wedding cake.
Christmas Eve is one of my absolute favorite parts of the Christmas season because we are surrounded by so many friends and family. Who exactly? Mom and Brad, Robin and Everette, Anna and Will, Amy and Evan, Cola, Dennis and Evan, the Warners, Jane and her new spouse, Leslie and Matt, Haley and Justin, Courtney and Austin, Lindsey and Darren, TJ and Laura and Adam, Samson and me. Now that's festive!

The Christmas Season: Christmas Eve Brunch

Christmas Eve began with what has become an annual event, the Christmas Eve Brunch. This year, Lindsey's mom Betty hosted the brunch since Lindsey and Darren were in town for the holidays.
The Mazzios even came by with the twins who have many OSL aunties and uncles.
We just love spending time with Caroline and Charlotte, who are getting so big already!
We all caught up with each other, ate some delicious food and relaxed the morning away.
It was a festive gathering, which has become a great tradition in kicking off Christmas!

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