The Christmas Season: McCormick's Christmas Party

We headed up to Northern Virginia one weekend and were able to attend the McCormick's Christmas party. Samson even came along for the visit and he made quite the entrance at the party (walked in, pranced around and left his own special gift in the middle of the room...I was SO embarrassed...but at the same time it was pretty funny. Andrew said he's never seen me move so quickly.)
The girls being really silly around the fridge because we wanted to create a fridge worthy photo.
An intense game of dirty Santa...I really wanted the Charlie Brown Christmas CD and Blah (Jen) wanted a hoop toss for her nephew. We came up with a GREAT plan to steal gifts for each other and trade...but in the end someone stomped out our plan. We were successful getting her the hoops and I later bought myself the CD. I went home with a really pretty scarf though even though I couldn't steal the CD back!
Everyone at the party
After the house party, we headed out for some amazing nachos and Karaoke across the street.
Thanks to the McCormicks for a good time and a place to stay for the evening with our puppy.

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