Christmas Eve

After Christmas Eve services at church (during which Adam did part of the preaching this year), it was time to head over to mom's for Christmas Eve dinner. Here's the appetizer spread of anti-pasta and dessert as well as her table for dinner.
Cola's Buche Noel in honor of their trip to Paris for New Years.
The party kicked off as everyone arrived.
Many friends and family were in attendance this year.
Some yearly shots: siblings
Me and my his Christmas sweater
Some OSL attendees...
our extended family as Haley put it when she was talking to Robin.
Shelby couldn't be with us in Virginia this year, but she was still in attendance because we were able to Skype with her! I couldn't get a good picture of her on the computer...but trust me, that's Shelb!
The big kids table
Will with Samson, Adam's Christmas gift
After dinner, there was a toast to Jane and her new hubby as well as some wedding cake.
Christmas Eve is one of my absolute favorite parts of the Christmas season because we are surrounded by so many friends and family. Who exactly? Mom and Brad, Robin and Everette, Anna and Will, Amy and Evan, Cola, Dennis and Evan, the Warners, Jane and her new spouse, Leslie and Matt, Haley and Justin, Courtney and Austin, Lindsey and Darren, TJ and Laura and Adam, Samson and me. Now that's festive!

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