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My THIRD MONTH of Life has been pretty exciting, so here's what I've been up to lately...
It's been a full month of travel starting off with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for my first Family Camp weekend. Not only did I get to hang out with a whole bunch of awesome church families and kids, but the youth group kids loved holding me too. I loved getting passed around and feeling like one of the cool kids! This weekend was pretty special too because Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park, so I got to hang out in a water sling while Mom and Dad let my big brother splash and swim around in the toddler pools. The water park was so warm that it was the perfect environment for snoozing too! Mom was a little nervous about how it'd be keeping up with my brother in the water and taking care of me, but we all had A LOT of fun! I know she was relieved when the weekend came to an end that we had all survived and had a great time!
Right after the retreat we all flew down to Raleigh to meet our cousin, Talia. Mom and I had already gotten to meet her...we were special...but Levi and Daddy were excited to meet her too. We had a lot of fun while we visited. We all went to the Children's museum there and it was a pretty epic place. I can't wait until I'm old enough to play with everything. We got to stay with our friends the Albrights at their new house, so that was really fun since I had only met them briefly in Boston when they came for a visit. We also saw our Crandal cousins while visiting Tati, Uncle Chris and Talia. I know Mom had a blast hanging out with me, my brother and her new niece. My cousin is really cute and I can't wait until we're both old enough to play!
Sadly Levi and I came down with bronchilitious which wasn't much fun. Mom did not like my cough, but thankfully I never had trouble breathing. I wasn't too uncomfortable, it just sounded bad. Mom would steam up the bathroom and let me hang out in the steam and I think that helped. It took a while for us to get over our sickness which was a bummer, but the doctor said that all we could do was wait it out and that's exactly what we did.
My brother and I hung out with Mom while we recovered and Dad had to head to his Airforce base for a few days, then we all reunited in New York to celebrate Thanksgiving. I got to meet a bunch of my cousins in New York. They were excited to hold and play with me, which I loved. They were also pretty impressed with how chill I am. I don't like to do a lot of crying unless I really need something and then not to worry, I make sure you know that something's up. It was REALLY fun visiting. I even met Santa in New York City. We went to Macy's and visited Santaland (a place kind of like the North Pole) and we took a picture together and everything.  My brother was a little wary of him, but I thought he was pretty nice. We also went for a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park because my brother is really into horses right now. I hung out close to Mom the whole time in the carrier, which was warm and cozy on a brisk November day. After a really fun time in New York, we all headed home to Boston for the beginning of the Christmas season.
I got to have "not so newborn" pictures taken this month too by my mom's friend Amy. They both love photography and she's the one that took pictures of Mom when I was in her belly. I did my best to be a good little model and everyone kept talking about my pretty eyes and how the light would catch. I know Mom loved the photos and was thrilled to have them because pictures are one of her most prized treasures.

I got to attend a baby shower with Mom and then that night Levi and I hung out with a babysitter for the first time. We had a lot of fun playing with her while they went to their friends' Christmas party. Not only am I a good eater when it comes to nursing, I don't mind a bottle either. Mom is pretty happy about that.
Speaking of Christmas festivities, I got to see them turn on the lights on Comm Ave in Boston. Mom, Dad, Levi and I decorated our house for Christmas. I loved looking at the Christmas tree and all of its lights. I also got to go to a really fun playgroup Christmas party. We decorated paper Christmas trees, drank hot chocolate and even decorated Christmas cookies, which my brother helped bake. I didn't get in on much of the actual action because I'm still a little too little, but it was really fun to watch and I can't wait until next year when I'll get to do everything myself!
I've been working on rolling over this month and I'm getting really close! Maybe I'll have reached my goal by next month's post...we shall see!
I love to smile and giggle and I'm really ticklish. I think my brother is awesome and I can't wait until I can play with him more. He makes me laugh all the time.
There have been many firsts lately...
     Visiting a water park.
     Going to Family Camp and a youth retreat.
     Visiting New York and meeting New York cousins.
     Getting sick and sick visit to the doctor.
     Experiencing Christmas for the first time.
     Meeting Santa.
It's been a great third month of life out of the womb and I know I have LOTS of cool first life experiences to look forward to. Lately, it's been a jet setting THIRD MONTH of life.

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