Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

We've had a couple great snow storms already and it's only December. I think this winter wants to make up for last year's mild winter! Thursday I had a FUN four hour drive home from school in the midst of what's known as a WHITE OUT which means it's snowing so hard you can't really see much beyond your front bumper. Then Sunday, church was canceled due to another snow storm, this time teh snow came with winds too! FUN FUN! All I can say is we're definately having a white Christmas in New England, but we'll be headed home to Virginia where we hear the temperatures have been in the 70s! CRAZY!

Here's a shot of some of the aftermath of the storms around our house. More pictures will be coming so you can feel like you are here enjoying the weather with us. Oh and to top it all off...only ONE SNOW DAY so far! Not even a delay...like everyone keeps saying "welcome to the north".

Dad's trip of Firsts

Well Jess's dad finally made it to Boston. His FIRST trip, he'd never seen Boston even though he grew up just hours away in New York. We were excited for his visit since this was also the FIRST time he would be staying with us since we've been married. Another FIRST, seeing our house of course. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

He arrived early Saturday morning after a long drive up. Saturday we spent relaxing and catching up some. Sunday we all headed to church and then took a trip into the city for the afternoon. Dad saw Fanieul Hall and Quincy Market and of course ate some New England Clam Chowda! Then we headed to the North End to see the North Church and grab a canolli along the way. It happened to be a frigid day...but dad kept reminding us to get used to it because we live in the north now! Monday was actually our FIRST SNOW DAY of the year so dad got a REALLY good taste of New England weather while he was up. We made him some of our favorite recipes...Hawaiian Chicken and Chicken Adobe and then he made us one of his favorites, Joe's Special. It was a great visit full of long talks and catching up on the important things of life!

*The picture is of us in Boston.

Anna and Jess's Boston Tea Party

So after a most festive Thanksgiving, Anna drove back to Boston with us to spend the weekend. We started out the weekend as goofy sisters will with lunch and a shopping trip.
We found these hilarious fighting holiday pens and made sure to buy a few because they were so entertaining!
The Reindeer gave Frosty a run for his money in the fight.
Go Rudolph GO!

Anna treated us to a yummy dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and the Boston Tea Party began...you'll understand soon.

The next day we headed into Boston for the day. We started out at Faneuil Hall for lunch...New England chowder of course! Then we followed the Freedom Trail through Downtown Crossing and the Boston Common til we reached Newberry Street stopping at shops along the way. Then it was time to stop and warm up at a posh cafe to continue our Boston Tea Party.

Here we are enjoying our pot of tea at TeaLuxe.
Can't have tea without CRUMPETS! What's a crumpet? We decided it's like a combination of a pancake and an English muffin. Very interesting, but tasty too.

Cheers to our Boston Tea Party!
We spent Sunday at church, where I lead worship for the first time and then we had crepe wraps for a less than ordinary lunch and finished some Christmas shopping.
Anna is now an official Red Sox Fan and we'd like to welcome her to the Red Sox Nation family. We ended the night editing Anna's college essay and enjoying our first go at making fondu or should I say FUNDO.
It was such a fun filled visit and we certainly won't soon forget our own Boston Tea Party!

Happy Turkey Day and 90th Birthday

This year we headed to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and a 90th surprise birthday celebration. After the surprise we enjoyed a delicious meal with choices galor at my uncle's country club and we enjoyed time catching up with our cousins who we hadn't seen since Andrea's wedding a year and a half ago.

Here's Papa being surprised...it took him a few minutes to catch on to the fact that not only were we celebrating Thanksgiving together, but my uncle was also throwing him a birthday party!

Papa thought the cake was a large card and even tried to open it until he realised it was a cake covered in icing with a picture of him from back his soldier days.

Nana was so excited to see everyone together for the holiday and to honor Papa on such a momentous birthday.

The girls are all grown up and the boys have been a fanstic addition to the family.

We ended the night sharing stories and catching up over a home cooked turkey at my uncle's kitchen table. It was a wonderful time spent with family and we were so thankful to be there with everyone, especially our Nana and Papa!

Adam's Swearing In

Adam officially joined the Airforce Reserves.
He will be going into the chaplain canidacy program so that when he graduates from seminary he will be ready to serve as a chaplain.

Captain Blake was honored to swear Adam in.

He told us that it wasn't often he had the opportunity to swear in an officer.
Here is Adam saying the oath.

Then, putting his life into the hands of Uncle Sam, AKA signing his life away.

Finally, an official second lieutenant stands with his proud wife and captain Blake.

World Series Champs!!

The Red Sox have done it!

They are the World Series Champions

sweeping the Colorado Rockies!

GO SOX 2007 Champions!


It's been an exciting time in Red Sox Nation!
They became the ALCS champions and are now playing in the World Series!
It's really exciting to have moved to Boston at the perfect time in Red Sox history. We were able to go to a few games this past year as they made their way to the top!
We are going to be huge fans the rest of our lives.

First Chi Alpha Alumni Reunion

It worked out perfectly that the XA alumni reunion was scheduled for UVA's homecoming weekend, which just happened to be the same weekend that we were already going to be in town for cabin weekend. So here is Adam and I all ready to head off to the reunion from the cabin.We got to catch up with even more people than just those who made if up to the cabin. We were able to catch up with Pete and Amy as well as Stacey, Jen, Andrew and Amanda at our table. It was also fun to see all the newly married couples like the Needhams and the Bakers too. Then of course we got a wonderful update on how well Chi Alpha is doing since we all left UVA. It's awesome to hear what God is doing on the UVA campus and how the fellowship has grown!
I miss all these girls! I think everyone should come visit Boston at the same time! Now that would be a good time. Any takers?

Short hair shot with Celeste. Last time we hung out her hair was still long and I had just cut mine, so she decided to go for it and cut her hair short too. We'll have to get more pictures the next time we hang out, hopefully here in Boston, right?:)

What a great time and we were so happy to be able to make it to the event! We can't wait to hear how things continue to go with the future of Chi Alpha.

Mountains Weekend 2007

Mountains weekend is always a highlight of the year and especially the fall! We get to visit with tons of friends and family all in one place, in one weekend. We flew into Northern Virginia early Friday morning and rented a car to drive down to the cabin in Syria, VA just outside of Charlottesville. Here's the crowd Friday evening hanging out on cabin's wonderful porch! It was most festive.
My Blah actually made it to the cabin this year! She tried to come last year and couldn't find the place, so I made sure she had extra directions and my mom and I were waiting for her at the entrance to Graves Mountain Lodge to escort her to the cabin and celebrate her arrival! YAY!
About an hour later, Haley and Justin arrived. Haley's been five years now I think. She's become a regular and I always look forward to getting to spend the entire weekend with her. This year we played photographer...you'll get to see some of those fun shots later.
Dinner is always a delicious, rustic meal. We had butternut squash soup, spiral ham, sweet potatos and green beans! Yummy southern food! For desser there's yummy cookies made yearly by the Herndon mama and lots of apple goodies.
Adam and his dad doing what they do best as they listen to college football on the radio and Adam reads a religion book.Haley and I went out to play photographer. Of course she really IS a photographer, where as I was just having fun and getting pointers from a professional. Lucky me to have a best friend who knows what she's doing behind the camera lens!
The creek! Oh the memories we've had over the year falling into the creek as we play on the rocks. This year the water was low, so instead of trying to walk on the rocks Haley and I let our shadows do all the walking. Check out these fun shots!
Next year we want to get a bigger group together to take some more shots!
Drum roll please! That's right Evan and Amy are ENGAGED! Check out that rock and the proud man in the background! Congrats guys! Amy and I will officially be sister-in-laws, YAY!
The new future Herndon siblings. Evan, Amy, Jessica and Adam
I was all emotional after Amy told me the engagement story and then asked me to be a bridesmaid! AHHH I feel honored!
Granny even stopped by for a visit.

Then Adam's cousin, Sarah, came by the cabin with her parents. They stayed for dinner, but we left for the First Chi Alpha Alumni Reunion. We were so happy we got to visit with her even though it was short. That night after the reunion, we hung out around a huge Bon Fire made by Justin. GOOD TIMES!

Me and my mommy, the cabin is heaven for her! Last year we surprised her with our visit and she thought we were a halucination. This year she knew we were coming, so we could all look forward to seeing each other. No surprises this time around.And last, but certainly not least...My sister arrived Sunday with her friends since she had a band competition the day and night before. So we had a few hours to hang out, but hopefully she'll be up to visit us for Thanksgiving.

So overall, it was an amazing weekend. We got to spend tons of time relaxing and catching up with some of our favorite people. We are already looking forward to next year!

Apple Picking New England Style

What better way to celebrate fall than with a trip to Smolak Farms in North Andover for an afternoon of apple picking with members of our church!

Here's Adam wondering through the orchard as we search the wide variety of apple trees for others from GracePoint.
So I guess because of the lack of rain this year apple "picking" season was cut short, instead it became and an apple "scooping" trip since the last few apples had been picked off the trees and the rest had already fallen to the ground.

Then finally before we called it a day, we ran into students from our youth group while we were chowing down on tasty apple donuts and freshly picked apples of course!

Jessica's 24th Birthday Celebration

For Jessica's 24th Birthday on Wednesday, Adam surprised her with tickets to see
at the Boston Opera House.

Here's the Birthday girl after dinner at Rock Bottom waiting with anticipation for the play!

She's listened to the CD for the past three years and even read the book after recieving them as a 21st Birthday. Now, she'll finally get to see it in action!

The Boston Opera House is gorgous! One of the most beautiful theatres Jessica's been in, maybe we'll just have to see an opera there sometime.

We so enjoyed Wicked. The music and story were wonderful. The voices were beautiful and the effects were out of this world. We absolutely loved it and can't wait to see it again someday!

Chicago with the Carters

So after the first week back at school...it was already time for a vacation. Not really, but we hadn't been out to Chicago in THREE years! Can you believe that, I certainly couldn't. I had missed an entire Carter apartment (tear). Well at least I got to see their new place, which I absolutley loved!

We got in late Thursday night and made our aquaintance with Violet, the new puppy. Very cute!
Friday (Day 1), Thais had to work so we had one on one time with Heath. Heath gave us our very own walking tour on Chicago's architectural highlights. Then we got to tour parts of Chicago's UNDERGROUND when we went to pick up their car, which has been towed earlier, from the Autopound! While we were "underground" we learned that parts of the new Batman movie are being filmed around Chicago's underground. You may not believe it, but we even caught a glimpse of a Gotham Cab. Check it out! That night we ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant, Dinotto. Yum! And we finally made it to a Second City Show. Hilarious! I loved it! Jess wants to know where she can audition?? Saturday (Day 2), Jess slept in while Adam CHOSE to go for an 18 mile run with the Carters who have been training for the Chicago Marathon that's coming up in October. The question everyone keeps asking, "Has Adam been training for a marathon?" The answer: "NO, but he has been running." Well he DID it! He ran all 18 miles and still had a breath to spare! So after some recovery time and a proud pat on the back from his wife, we were off to Gino's for deep dish pizza (a well deserved treat for the runners for sure). That night we all just relaxed around the Carter's new place.Sunday (Day 3), After visiting the Carter's church and seeing all the exciting changes that are going on there, we were off to Michigan for their friend, Lisa's 30th birthday celebration. This is the part of our trip that Thais says "broke the tourist mold" and it did! We got to stay at a beautiful cabin on Lake Michigan where we slept four to a bed. Man do I wish I had a picture of that. We were like pigs in a blanket lined up on a breakfast plate. We even got to listen to a REALLY rockin' folk band, The Corn Fed Girls.
Monday (Day 4), As we made our way back to Chicago for our 9 o'clock flight back to Boston, we took a detour through Grand Rapids where we ate lunch at an Irish pub, McFadden's, followed by a beer sampling at the Founders.
We had such a great time and we can't wait for our next big city adventure! This trip will definately be a hard one to beat.

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