Mountains Weekend 2007

Mountains weekend is always a highlight of the year and especially the fall! We get to visit with tons of friends and family all in one place, in one weekend. We flew into Northern Virginia early Friday morning and rented a car to drive down to the cabin in Syria, VA just outside of Charlottesville. Here's the crowd Friday evening hanging out on cabin's wonderful porch! It was most festive.
My Blah actually made it to the cabin this year! She tried to come last year and couldn't find the place, so I made sure she had extra directions and my mom and I were waiting for her at the entrance to Graves Mountain Lodge to escort her to the cabin and celebrate her arrival! YAY!
About an hour later, Haley and Justin arrived. Haley's been five years now I think. She's become a regular and I always look forward to getting to spend the entire weekend with her. This year we played'll get to see some of those fun shots later.
Dinner is always a delicious, rustic meal. We had butternut squash soup, spiral ham, sweet potatos and green beans! Yummy southern food! For desser there's yummy cookies made yearly by the Herndon mama and lots of apple goodies.
Adam and his dad doing what they do best as they listen to college football on the radio and Adam reads a religion book.Haley and I went out to play photographer. Of course she really IS a photographer, where as I was just having fun and getting pointers from a professional. Lucky me to have a best friend who knows what she's doing behind the camera lens!
The creek! Oh the memories we've had over the year falling into the creek as we play on the rocks. This year the water was low, so instead of trying to walk on the rocks Haley and I let our shadows do all the walking. Check out these fun shots!
Next year we want to get a bigger group together to take some more shots!
Drum roll please! That's right Evan and Amy are ENGAGED! Check out that rock and the proud man in the background! Congrats guys! Amy and I will officially be sister-in-laws, YAY!
The new future Herndon siblings. Evan, Amy, Jessica and Adam
I was all emotional after Amy told me the engagement story and then asked me to be a bridesmaid! AHHH I feel honored!
Granny even stopped by for a visit.

Then Adam's cousin, Sarah, came by the cabin with her parents. They stayed for dinner, but we left for the First Chi Alpha Alumni Reunion. We were so happy we got to visit with her even though it was short. That night after the reunion, we hung out around a huge Bon Fire made by Justin. GOOD TIMES!

Me and my mommy, the cabin is heaven for her! Last year we surprised her with our visit and she thought we were a halucination. This year she knew we were coming, so we could all look forward to seeing each other. No surprises this time around.And last, but certainly not least...My sister arrived Sunday with her friends since she had a band competition the day and night before. So we had a few hours to hang out, but hopefully she'll be up to visit us for Thanksgiving.

So overall, it was an amazing weekend. We got to spend tons of time relaxing and catching up with some of our favorite people. We are already looking forward to next year!

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