First Chi Alpha Alumni Reunion

It worked out perfectly that the XA alumni reunion was scheduled for UVA's homecoming weekend, which just happened to be the same weekend that we were already going to be in town for cabin weekend. So here is Adam and I all ready to head off to the reunion from the cabin.We got to catch up with even more people than just those who made if up to the cabin. We were able to catch up with Pete and Amy as well as Stacey, Jen, Andrew and Amanda at our table. It was also fun to see all the newly married couples like the Needhams and the Bakers too. Then of course we got a wonderful update on how well Chi Alpha is doing since we all left UVA. It's awesome to hear what God is doing on the UVA campus and how the fellowship has grown!
I miss all these girls! I think everyone should come visit Boston at the same time! Now that would be a good time. Any takers?

Short hair shot with Celeste. Last time we hung out her hair was still long and I had just cut mine, so she decided to go for it and cut her hair short too. We'll have to get more pictures the next time we hang out, hopefully here in Boston, right?:)

What a great time and we were so happy to be able to make it to the event! We can't wait to hear how things continue to go with the future of Chi Alpha.

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collsadam said...

i recognize that pink tank top....very sexy! =)

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