I will miss you Dad!

Sheldon Jerome Sacks, my Dad, passed away suddenly this weekend.
I love you so much and I am going to miss you Dad!
When we know more details about the memorial service, I will let everyone know.

Our 4th Anniversary

It has been four happy years and we're looking forward to many more. This year we spent our anniversary in Charleston, SC. where Adam has been for Airforce training this month. (Future posting to come)
Love you Adam!

Chicago with my roomie and my mommy

Mom and I headed out to Chicago for what was going to be a double visit to Chicago where my roomie, Thais, and her hubby, Heath, reside and then we were going to skip out to Wisconsin for the Gage wedding. However, since the Gage wedding already happened in June, this became a simple one stop trip to the windy city. I haven't had a second to upload pictures and post about our visit to Chicago, but Thais had a chance, so for now take a look at her blog and see what a nice time we all had together. I'll post my side of the story later.

OSL reunion- Shelby's in Town!

Shelby came into town with Justin for a wedding, and there were in the 757 for a day to hang out with us OSLers and the family. We met up with everyone at No Frill for lunch where Shelby was first introduced to Caroline and Charlotte. My mom, Cola and Justin also made their aquaintance for the first time. Courtney is also now living in Norfolk and Austin has deployed, so we had the newly wed all to our selves and got the hear all about the wedding and house hunting!

Shelb meet the twins..I think she's holding Charlotte here.
Look how happy those mamas are to hold the babies! Aren't they cute? They will be great grandmas some day, but thank you for waiting patiently in the meantime!Then we all headed over to Cola's for a birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Cola!) and my sister swung by and got to meet the babies too. One big, happy extended family!
It was a wonderful visit with Shelb. COME BACK FROM TEXAS SOON!

Flower Girls visit

Last week my mom's college roomate came for a visit with her girls, so everyday after summer school I raced over to the house to hang out with everybody. They are getting so grown up! They are going into 7th grade! Crazy cause that is the age group Adam and I work with at church and I can't believe they are already in Middle School. We had a great week hanging at by the pool and down at the beach.The girls are so cute. They still talk about the wedding like it was yesterday, and they told me how sad they were to finally grow out of their dresses which they've worn for numerous school pictures and different occasions. I love their visits and can't wait for next summer when I can hopefully have the girls over to my own place for a fun girls night!

Waves go to Camp Watermarks

The students arrived at Camp Watermarks in style on a double decker bus! COOL!The camp was awesome! It had the cutest cabins and beautiful surroundings.

The days consisted of a prayer walk each day for one team, followed by breakfast and session for everyone. We took about 60 students and 85 people altogether with leaders and the band. Then the students had stations at the high ropes course, low ropes course, obstacle course and paintball course. Then they had lunch followed by the lake complete with water trampoline and Blob or the James River for tubing. Tubing was by far one of my favorite activities of the week! Then the students had free time when they could rock climb, zip line, play more paint ball and hang out. Dinner followed and then session which begam with worship and a team challenge and then Dr. Brown, one of Adam's Liberty professors, spoke and challenged the students with stories of Biblical teens and how they defied stereotypes. This was followed by devotions and midnight madness (not at midnight). Here are some pictures from the week...I arrived in Tuesday because of ESL Summer School, but the students and Adam arrived Sunday and we all stayed through Friday.

It was a great week and many of the students were really touched by God! One student gave her life to Christ and many made new commitments. Praise the Lord!!

Jars of Clay and the 700 Club

Our student ministry was invited to join the audience at the taping of the 700 Club TV show at CBN for a Jars of Clay Concert. It was neat seeing the show taped and meeting the band.Our students watching from their spots in the audience. We were all spread out throughout the studio.
The Jars of Clay spot in the show.

Had to get a shot of the church staff with the band. "CHEESE!" The band was very nice and gave all the students autigraphs and were willing to take lots pictures with everyone.

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