OSL reunion- Shelby's in Town!

Shelby came into town with Justin for a wedding, and there were in the 757 for a day to hang out with us OSLers and the family. We met up with everyone at No Frill for lunch where Shelby was first introduced to Caroline and Charlotte. My mom, Cola and Justin also made their aquaintance for the first time. Courtney is also now living in Norfolk and Austin has deployed, so we had the newly wed all to our selves and got the hear all about the wedding and house hunting!

Shelb meet the twins..I think she's holding Charlotte here.
Look how happy those mamas are to hold the babies! Aren't they cute? They will be great grandmas some day, but thank you for waiting patiently in the meantime!Then we all headed over to Cola's for a birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Cola!) and my sister swung by and got to meet the babies too. One big, happy extended family!
It was a wonderful visit with Shelb. COME BACK FROM TEXAS SOON!


 Shelby said...

WooHoo! Yay me! And yay you for such a great recap!! I love how Charlotte (or Caroline?) is looking at me in that picture! So Sweet...

And thanks for the patience acknowledgement for our moms ;)

<3 and miss you alreadyyyyyyy!!!

Courtney said...

Check out these awesome photos!!! Good job Jess on having the camera ready ;)

Cola said...

Awww, Jess! Great pictures! Thanks for capturing it all for all of us! AND not to worry....I'm in no hurry....especially if my grandbabies are going to live in Texas! I can wait until they are a little closer to home!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Why didn't anyone tell me! I would have come down for the day!!!
I'm happy to see you guys had fun!

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