Mazzio Twin Shots

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Caroline and Charlotte that I took on Saturday. I'm pretty pleased with how some of them turned out! Those girls are such cuties!

(Below: The babies on Dan's baby blanket)(Being parents)Family Shots I tried to give Lisa and Dan a disk with all the pictures today and for some reason it wouldn't run on their Macs, so I posted more for everyone to see. Hopefully a new disk will work so you parents can see all the adorable pictures of your little ladies!

Preview: Twin shots

Just a few of shots of the twins...more to come!

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was definately fun filled!

Haley, Lindsey and Darren came into town on Friday, so we all got together for dinner at Lindsey's mom's. Linds had a little something for Haley and I to help us remember the wedding. (Minature wedding albums, they are so cute and a really neat keepsake.)
Then Saturday, I went for some pampering with the Herndon women (Robin and Amy). We got pedicures and manicures to get those toes ready for sandals and the beach.

After that I met back up with Haley and we went over to the Mazzios to take pictures of their new babies! (I'll post a preview of some of those shots soon.)
From there we headed over to Hampton where Linds' brother Dustin lives for a Memorial Day cookout. Dan and Lisa ventured out with the twins for the first time and we got to have lots of auntie time!
Here's the moment when Linds met Caroline and Charlotte.She also had a little something for the babies. OSL Auntie time!
We hung out around Dustin's firepit late into the evening and even the twins hung around for a while.
Sunday we had church and then a going away party for Pastor Rob Vincent who is leaving Virginia for a church in Atlanta.
Monday we had a fabulous pancake breakfast at Ashley and Josh's and I spent the afternoon at the beach with Anna and Haley, while Adam worked on the paper he'd been working on the entire weekend. He finally finished it Monday night and got it in the mail on Tuesday. I thoroughly enjoyed my three day weekend and all the time I had with friends!

Our small group cookout

Our small group decided to get together for a cookout and some fellowship this past Sunday and we didn't let a little rain ruin our fun, though we did stick to indoor activities.Our group
The guys hanging out in the man spaceTime to chow down on some delicious burgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, cheesy potatos, fruit and brownies. We had quite a smorgobourg!

242 ministry

Saturday the Waves 242 Ministry team had a ministry at the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center. They were given the opportunity to beautify the exterior of the center. The organized, raked, planted, and weeded and at the end of the day there was a pretty garden, an organized storage shed and a well kept lawn! Cleaning up the yard
Planting a garden

Praise God for a productive day and the for holding off the rain!

Contemporary Dance Show

One of the girls in our small group, Ashley (holding flowers), is a dancer and invited a bunch of us to contemporary dance performance on Friday night. The girls jumped in for a pictures, but the guys were in attendance too. We all had a blast and Adam and I definately felt more cultured after watching the show. We're hoping to attend more artsy events around town in the future!

They're PERFECT!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to actually meet Caroline and Charlotte Mazzio!
What beauties and they really are perfect little bundles of joy.
It was great catching up with Mama before leaving them all to catch some winks...when babies sleep, mama must sleep, right?! You all seem to be doing so well! What a blessing after a crazy pregnancy!
Thanks for letting me stop by for a visit and I hope you guys enjoy breakfast!
I can't wait to part of those girls' lives and we're so happy for you guys and your family!

Dr. Mom recieves her Ph.D!!!

Hampton University's gift for Mother's Day is always their graduation. Our very own Dr. Mom graduated from Hampton yesterday with her Ph.D. Pictured below is her regalea and Dr. Mom donning the new look for the first time. We watched the large group commencement from inside so Nana and Papa could stay put and comfortable.
Here's Dr. Mom getting ready to recieve her actual Ph.D!!Some proud family shots afterward at the university.Some family shots with the new Doctor at home as well. A toast, cheers to Dr. Mom!Graduation portraits
Mother's Day dinner followed!

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Graduation!

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