Our VAcation preview

Our VAcation began with Easter services at church. Then we stopped by mom's for a quick Easter nosh, Italian Antipasta salad, and visit with Brad's brother Robby and sister-in-law Anna who were in town visiting.
The boys enjoyed our Easter snack too before we hit the road to head off to Chateau Barker (my mom's cabin). We were there by 7pm and made spegetti and meatballs for our own Italian Easter dinner. That night we watched We are Marshall and got a good nights sleep to the whistle of mountain crickets. The next morning we made pancakes and headed out for a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We stopped along the way to hike and capture some of the cites on film. (Those pictures will come later since they're on my high tech camera).
Here's a couple goofy ones that we grabbed with the self timer. Aren't the mountains beautiful!
The next day we relaxed and read at the cabin all day. We watched the fog as it rolled in and out. I have some pretty spooky pictures from that that I'll also post later from the other camera. We also roasted marshmellows. Wednesday we said goodbye to cabin life and headed to Lynchburg to see how much Liberty had grown since Adam and Nima attended school there. It is amazing how much the school has changed in just five years. The new north campus even has its own hair salon and tanning salon. "Guess they want to get these girls married off," laughed Adam. That night we visited with their friend Dave and caught up on life.
Thursday morning we headed to the Coffee Cup for breakfast, the best breakfast place in Lynchburg...maybe anywhere. It's a small locals place with great food and redicuously low prices. Then we headed to Charlottesville for the day to wonder around my old stomping grounds. We met up and had lunch with Stacey Fink, yummy Take it Away, followed by lots of walking all around grounds taking tons of pictures on a gorgous day. I even got to see both my core group girls from 4th year. Adam and Nima enjoyed Little Johns too. Later we had dinner with Celeste and John followed by homemade ice cream on the Downtown Mall. We ended the night by heading up to Northern Virginia where we spent the remainder of our VAcation.
Friday we slept in and met up with Adam's old college roommate DJ and his wife, Jessica, for lunch in Reston at the Big Bowl. We had the best homemade gingerale. It even had real pieces of ginger in it! I had lemonginerale...it was like a fizzy, tangy lemonde since the lemonade was combined with the gingerale. The guys had passionfruit gingerale and cranberry gingerale. I wish we had a place here that made such yummy drinks.
Then we went window shopping at Tyson's Square and met up with the McCormicks to head out for Amanda's Birthday dinner.

me and the birthday girl

We had a tasty meal at Chadwicks with the Christina, Jeremy, Amanda, Andrew and Jen.
We followed dinner with a little kareoke before hitting the sack. Saturday we had brunch with the McCormicks before heading back home, we also made a quick stop at Potomac Mills. We were home in time to get ready for Sunday morning services even though we sadly missed Kathy's birthday celebration...but Happy Birthday Kathy!! We wish we could have been there! It was a wonderfully relaxing VAcation with lots of friends and scenic picture taking opportunities...those shots are coming soon. Thanks to everyone we were able to see and stay with whom made our trip so much fun.


Arielle said...

It sounds like you guys had a great VAcation! Nima and Adam together.. THAT had to be interesting!!!

Andrew McCormick said...

Umm...you put that creepy picture of me up there?!?! :)

I was hoping to see a picture of the chair you sat in all the time at the cabin.

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