They're PERFECT!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to actually meet Caroline and Charlotte Mazzio!
What beauties and they really are perfect little bundles of joy.
It was great catching up with Mama before leaving them all to catch some winks...when babies sleep, mama must sleep, right?! You all seem to be doing so well! What a blessing after a crazy pregnancy!
Thanks for letting me stop by for a visit and I hope you guys enjoy breakfast!
I can't wait to part of those girls' lives and we're so happy for you guys and your family!


Melin said...

Well Jessica, I just have to say you look like a natural with those beautiful babies in yur arms..(hint...hint)[had to say it; it was a golden opportunity]. Those Mazzio girls are just beautiful, Love Momma

veganmegan said...

gorgeous!!!!! and you do look great holding babies! ;)

Adam and Jessica said...

Thanks everyone...yes babies will be tons of fun as soon as we get out on our own:) Then we can begin thinking about the future of our family, but for now I'll enjoy everyone else's!:)

Courtney said...

I am so JEALOUS! I hope you gave them an extra hug for all the OSLers out of town! :)

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