Mazzio Twin Shots

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Caroline and Charlotte that I took on Saturday. I'm pretty pleased with how some of them turned out! Those girls are such cuties!

(Below: The babies on Dan's baby blanket)(Being parents)Family Shots I tried to give Lisa and Dan a disk with all the pictures today and for some reason it wouldn't run on their Macs, so I posted more for everyone to see. Hopefully a new disk will work so you parents can see all the adorable pictures of your little ladies!


Cola said...

Oh wow, I see a new career looming in the future? Of course, having such adorable subjects helps, I'm sure!

Melin said...

Wow, the girls are just beautiful, I can't believe that they will be a month old soon, hey and Mommy looks just great too ( can't be that you just had two babies!!!), and Daddy, well he looks like a proud lad... WOW... and the photographer, well these photos are just terrific, imaginative, and visionary, well done Jess...can anyone say new vocation! really, these a great photos and I am sure Lisa, Dan, Charlotte and Caroline will love them,I lve you Momma :)

Celeste said...

Great shots, Jess!

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