A District Girl's Weekend II

When the boys are away, the girls will play...A bunch of my Chi Alpha girlfriends got together for our annual girls weekend (while a bunch of the guys had their annual MLB weekend). We all met at Amanda and Andrew's lovely new apartment in Pentagon City. We headed to the Noodle Company followed by the highlight of the evening, dessert at Co Co Sala. The desserts were rich and delicious! By the end of the night we had all had our fill of chocolate. Amanda even had chocolate covered bacon on her order of Mac and Cheese. I had Tirmasu and hot chocolate. (Celeste has a few really good pictures of food and people that I'm hoping to borrow because she really captured the ambiance of the restaurant since she brought her nicer camera and I only had my handy dandy point and shoot. Update: I have now included some of her shots too...you can tell because hers have better lighting and depth of field.)Everyone leaving Co Co Sala Friday night. This is what being a 20 something is all about!
Saturday we watched Bride Wars and just relaxed at Amanda's for the day. We had planned to venture out to the pool, but it was overcast. It was lovely though to just relax and catch up with the gals. Then around 5pm we began getting ready for our second evening in DC.
Waiting for the metro...on the metro one guy even told us that it was everyday you see a group of girls all decked out for the metro, but that he "appreciated" it.

From the metro we headed to Luigi's, a great Italien restaurant, which I had actually visited with Amanda and Andrew. They have fantastic pizza and we even had left overs to hand out to the homeless on our way to the K street lounge.We had placed ourselves on the guest list again at the K Street Lounge and finished out the evening by dancing the night away. We love this place because no one bothers us, we just have a great time dancing!
Another fun girls weekend! Can't wait for next years...maybe in the district...maybe we'll venture out to a new location. Guess we'll have to wait and see!


Stacey said...

I wanna come next year!

Adam and Jessica said...

Okeydoke, I'll let you know what we're up to:)

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