A Night Out in DC

This past weekend I headed up to Northern Virginia to catch up with friends and celebrate mine and Christina's 25th birthdays.

I started out the weekend with the McCormicks. We went into DC for dinner at Luigi's where we enjoyed some minstrone soup and a gourmet pizza. We then walked all over DC. It was a gorgous night and I really enjoyed seeing different parts of the city. For the first time I realized just how Metropolitan DC actually is. I even had a chance to see areas where Andrew and Amanda would eventually like to live once Andrew graduates law school in May. I'll be excited to visit you guys at your new place.

The next day was pretty relaxed. We all slept in and Amanda and I caught up with Jen some at her apartment. Then we got ready for our Ladies Night Out.

The night began at Cafe Asia, a minimalistic asian restaurant. We had the best table in the house off in a little corner.

Ready to chow down with some chop sticks...the food was devine! It was fun to hear about true Asian culture from Kathy, who had just returned from a year and a half of missions with her husband over in Japan. She said that Tai food is the closest Asian cuisine in America to its true Asian counterpart.
Then we headed out to find the lounges we had chosen to visit for the evening.
Along the way, Chirstina and I were walking and talking as woman will do and all of a sudden I realize she was no longer beside me. I turned around and Christina had gotten her heal caught in a subway grate. Not to worry, we were able to get her heal out, but it was a pretty funny sight!
Then we got tired of walking. So we decided to sit for a bit. This wouldn't seem too eventful except it was the terace of a closed restaurant and the police parked right in front of us on the curb, so we weren't sure if we were going to be told that sitting there was illegal or something. Thankfully they left us alone, but we decided to leave soon anyway. Oh...and Kathy is showing us what all Japanese do in photos, a backwards peace sign because the hand it faced outward.This sight scared all of us along the way. We were walking by a book store and saw the Pope standing inside starring at us. No biggie except each of us saw him a different point as we passed and said nothing until one of the last of us to pass screamed and we all realized that that person had just seen the Pope...doesn't he look lifelike! It was a laughable moment so I ran back and took a picture to document that we had indeed run into the Pope on Ladies Night.We finally reached the K Street Lounge and got into line. The exciting thing about choosing this lounge was that Amanda and I had managed to get us on the guest list. So we got up to the bouncer and told him that yes we WERE on the list! This fact especially excited Amanda. Then we wandered inside to have a free drink because it was Ladies Open Bar from 10-12! I'm not sure how this lounge makes any money, but we certainly enjoyed their hospitality.This is what the lounge looked like..it's empty because this was a blocked off VIP area, but it provided a great shot of place's ambiance without a bunch of random strangers in the shot.We danced the night away as girls will do and weren't even bothered by strange guys. Perhaps all the wedding rings kept them away, but we liked being left to ourselves.Around midnight we decided to head out since we still had plans to head back and watch the Sex in the City Movie, make our own cosmos and eat Birthday cake. As we headed back to the car, Christina and I were walking along celebrating our 25th Birthdays together! Made for a great photo-op.Birthday cake for the 25 year old Birthday girls followed by cosmos and a movie.

It was a great Girls Night Out and the perfect way to celebrate mine and Christina's Birthdays! Thanks girls for a wonderful, fun filled weekend. I can't wait to ring in the next person's birthday!

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