A Sewing Project for Sarah's Baby

This past weekend Robin and I threw Adam's cousin Sarah a Herndon Family Baby Shower while we were up that way for Cabin Weekend. I wanted to find the perfect gift and give it a personal touch by hand making some part of it. I thought about learning to quilt, but only had a couple weeks to learn and figured that might make for a disaster. Perhaps the next baby that comes along will have that sort of gift to look forward to. Instead I had my mom show me how to make hooded towel for the baby to go with the gift I found on Sarah's registry, her baby bath tub. She's having a girl so pink just seemed the right color for the occasion.You start with a full size towel and a matching washcloth. Begin working with the washcloth. You fold it in half and sew the upper corner at a diagonal and then down the back side where it's folded in half to create anther permanent seam. This creates the cute hooded effect when you turn the washcloth right side out. Then you fold the towel in half and pin the midpoint of the hood to the midpoint on the towel. Stitch those two pieces together and make sure it's reinforced and Voila! You have a sweet hooded towel for the baby to enjoy after bath time.
It was a fun, yet simple sewing project that would be great for anyone new to sewing! I was so glad I gave it a go. I foresee many more sewing projects in my future.

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