Hallelujah Harvest

This past Sunday Atlantic Shores had an event known as Hallelujah Harvest where people from the community all around the church come out with their kids who are dressed up as all sorts of cute characters and they enjoy a pre-halloween event of trunk-or-treating, inflatables, games and fall food.
Here are some of my favorite trunks from the event. The patriotic trunk was the winner and I'm told that's three years running.The winter wonderland trunk even had real snow and of course you have to give a shout out for the Redskins!
Adam and Nima hanging out.
The 757 young adults group created an underwater world for the kids to walk through kind of like a haunted house without the scary haunted part. Here I am with King Neptune...also known as Pastor Rob who married Adam and I three years ago. To bad he couldn't wear this get-up at the wedding. It would have gone beautifully with the blue gowns, right?!The student ministries ran all of the games. So we were in charge of all the student volunteers and making sure the games were going well. I helped with the Hay Hunt for a while.
There was tons of candy hidden in the hay and the kids had to search through to find two of their favorite pieces. It was a simple game, but the little ones really seemed to enjoy it and boy were there some cute kids!

A quick shot of Adam and I at the event.

There's a chili cookoff and costume contest and the church's worship bands play throughout the evening. It really is a fun event and it will be even more fun when we have a little person to dress up and walk around to all the trunks...but for now I'll be happy to take watch other people's little people. Happy Halloween Everyone!

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