My new fashion creation

About a year ago, my mom purchased this cute jacket pattern and a bunch of fun fabric for us to whip up a few jackets together. Well we didn't get around to it at the time, but this past weekend we finally did! Adam and I were originally planning to head to Liberty's homecoming for the weekend. However the weather was questionable, so we didn't make it. I decided this would be the perfect Saturday to work on creating a new jacket, so I invited my mom to come over and help me.
It's Simplicity pattern 3627 if you're in the mood to create one for your own. There are five different variations. We made variation C, the girl pictured at the bottom's version except my fabric was much thicker than hers.
So first things first...lay out the pattern and cut out all the pieces. The challenge in this project was the fact that I didn't have my sewing kit, therefore no pins and no fabric scissors. That made things a little interesting at times and we did have to scout out some pins towards the end of the project because safety pins weren't quite cutting it when we had to piece everything together and sew in the sleeves.

A serious sewing moment...that turned into this!

I wore my new jacket to church on Sunday and Adam giggled at me a little when I arrived because he knew I had just made it the day before, but I had to show off all that hard work! Plus I think it turned out really cute and church was the perfect place to wear it. What do you think?


Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

You have inspired me to take a sewing class!!

Heath and Thais said...

Gorgeous! How cute are you?

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