A Shower for Baby Sydnor

This past weekend Robin and I threw a Baby Shower for Sarah. We were already going to be up in her neck of the woods for Cabin Weekend and she would be due in about four weeks, so we figured what better time to throw the Herndon family shower.
Here I am with the Guest of Honor as she arrived.Four Generations are present in this photo...Baby Sydnor, Mother-to-be, Grandmother-to-be, and Great Grandmother-to-be.
The table laid out for brunch and a close-up of the adorable cake.
Our Guest of Honor showing off the perfect Baby Belly!Enjoying the brunch and the little decorations that were here and there like this baby rattle. Even my mom was able to make it to the shower since she was up at the cabin. It was so much fun having her there with me.
We played a few games from guessing the size of the mother-to-be's belly (pictured), to Guess the Gerbers where everyone had to smell and look at baby food jars without a label and guess what type they were (Sarah won this game). We also played a game where you reached in a bag and had to feel around to figure out what type of baby items were inside. The funniest item guessed was a silicon boob which was really a teething toy. We also played a game where we listed famous children and you had to know their parents.
Next on the agenda...PRESENTS! And there were plenty to go around.
Everyone was asked to bring a book to add to Baby Sydnor's library. So it was fun to see what books everyone picked out and amazingly enough there wasn't a single repeat! Here's Sarah with Curious George and the book Curious George Feeds the Animals.Sarah was a dancer, and someone found the sweetest pink satin baby ballet shoes. SO CUTE!Here she is opening my gift, the baby bath tub with homemade hooded towel and other bath supplies. Even my books went along with the theme. A Seseme Street Book about bath time.
No shower is complete without the cake.Sarah with Robin and I, the hostesses with the mostess.

We were so happy to be able to throw this shower for Sarah and so glad that everyone was able to attend. Fun was had by all and it was a most festive occasion. We can't wait to meet Baby Sydnor at Thanksgiving!

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Melin said...

Jess, you threw a wonderful shower for Sarah, it was so much fun and the food was absolutely fabulous, who would have thunk it... she can really really cook and bake! WOW and sew too. I had a blast and was so happy to be able to share such a special and wonderful day with you and your great new family. Love Momma:)

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