Great Expectations II: 27 weeks

How Far: 27 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: Not much has changed on the weight/ clothing front since last week. I'm still loving my newly borrowed and purchased lighter weight pieces! It's warmed up in Boston and I'm definitely sitting pretty in my more summery maternity wear. It is crazy to be in the latter portion of my pregnancy in such extreme opposite climates this time around! It will be interesting to see if the warmer weather and therefore more skin showing effects my weight gain...only time will tell I guess. I could feel puffier because of the effects of the heat on swelling, though I've been lucky in terms of swelling thus far...or perhaps I'll be able to stay a little lighter this time around since I won't be quite as covered up in layers and sweaters. We shall see!

Cravings: Nothing to report in terms of cravings:/.

Movement: There's lots of movement these days! One moment the baby is kicking me in the ribs or trying to climb up into my lungs behind my ribs, or so it feels and the next moment I'm getting flicked in the bladder down below. I guess this baby is quite the gymnast because he must be doing summersaults in the womb or getting a really good arm AND leg work out!

Symptoms: My ribs are KILLING ME! I think it's the combination of acid reflux and my ribs expanding since it isn't quite as bad once I take Zantac, but once the medicine runs its course I'm am back to sore city! It's at its worst at night when I'm trying to sleep. I wind up take turns on each side to bring some relief, but this symptom is NO FUN!

There was also a waddle sighting this week! A friend commented on how I'm beginning to get my mommy waddle on. Uh OH! I definitely wasn't ready to hear that, but it's all good, not much to be done about loosening ligaments and such.

I also had my first bout of Braxton Hicks this week. Gotta love those little practice contractions...of course nothing like the real deal, but still it is a strange feeling when your entire stomach suddenly goes hard as a rock and it become a little hard to breath.

Mental State: I watched Baby John for a friend this week while Levi napped for the most part and it was a little crazy to think this will soon be our new normal. Levi was really sweet with him upon waking from his nap giving hugs and bringing him toys, so that was nice to see because he didn't act as jealous this time around unlike previous episodes with other friends' babies. Perhaps Levi was more comfortable on his own turf.

We also celebrated Father's Day this week with a cookout on Sunday (which was also to thank our youth leaders) that was followed by brunch on Monday where Levi and I gave Adam his Father's Day card and gift. I'm so thankful to have such an amazing partner in this parenting adventure! He is wonderful with Levi and Levi ADORES him! He has so much patience with our son especially in this season where Levi gets frustrated when he lacks the words to communicate what he wants. There is always so much laughter and adventure when these two are together and watching them just makes my heart explode. I know this feeling will only get stronger with the addition of another baby to our family!

Appointment Updates
: I have an appointment next week during which I get to enjoy my sugar test! YAY!

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating Father's Day!

PS...Someone was much happier having his pictures taken this week.

Great Expectations II: 26 weeks

How Far: 26 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: No idea how I'm doing in terms of weight, but I feel hopefully I'm right on track.

In terms of clothes, it was a big week for the maternity wardrobe. I had to bust out what I like to call my "big girl" bras because I needed more coverage and support. It's funny that I've made it this long without wearing them, but the time has come. I think the girls didn't expand as quickly this time because I went from nursing to not nursing, so they shrunk and have taken a few months to begin preparing to nurse Jellybean. Crazy what our bodies are able to do to sustain life!

Also in maternity wardrobe news as I was packing up sweaters to lend to my sister who will be in her third trimester through the cooler fall months, I was lent a bunch of adorable tops that will hopefully help get me through my third trimester this summer. Thanks LINDS! I feel like I have so many warmer weather options now and a super cute updated maternity wardrobe without needing to spend a fortune. It's so great when you can share these items since you literally wear them for a somewhat short period of life and yet you need the clothes and they can really cost.

Cravings: Fruit salad! YUM!

Gender: I'm going to take this category out since I don't expect much to change here...I'll add it back in if something related comes up in the coming weeks.

Movement: The baby is continuously on the move when I'm still, especially when I lay down to begins the whole day and night confusion right! The baby is also up in my ribs this week! YIKES!

Symptoms: I feel like I am constantly having to pee...but such is pregnancy when a person is growing on top of your bladder I guess. I'm also on my zantac regimen because my heartburn is killer these days. Perhaps this baby will have a head of hair like Levi did.

Mental State: This was a fun week in terms of food for thought because Courtney and I traveled to Atlanta to visit our best friend Lindsey who just had her first baby six weeks ago on Easter. It was amazing to hold Ethan and think about having another little baby in my arms in just a few more months! Levi was great for my mom over the weekend while I was away. She would send me pictures of what they were up to periodically and he looks like such a little boy now rather than a baby, especially when compared with a now 9 lb, six week old baby. Baby's have such simple needs of eating, sleeping and needing fresh diapers in the beginning. Crazy to think we'll be back to basics soon while also balancing a toddlers needs. I know we'll figure out the balance, but it's going to be an adventure for sure! I'm so thankful I was able to go to Atlanta and actually help Linds with a number of new mom things from testing out baby carriers and playmats, to a little cooking, as well as rocking and changing little Ethan to give Mom a break. It really does take a village! It was so much fun catching up and sharing all sorts of motherly experiences.

Appointment Updates: No appointments this week.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to meet Ethan and spend quality time with Lindsey (and Courtney)!

Thanks Nana for helping Adam with Levi over the weekend, so I could go and actually be helpful rather than running around after my sweet toddler.

A behind the scenes moment from this week's photoshoot...Someone was not a huge fan this week of taking pictures...sorry little man, but you're pretty cute even when you're mad.

Great Expectations II: 25 weeks

How Far: 25 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: This week started out with a mini family vacation to the Cape with the Park Street Staff and I got to wear my maternity swim suit at the indoor pool. That swimsuit was SUCH a STEAL at $5 when I was pregnant with Levi and I know it's going to get lots of great use the remainder of this pregnancy as well! I am so glad I own it and don't have to stress about finding something to wear this summer.

Then the week ended with a wonderful visit to see one of my very best friends, Lindsey, and her new baby, Ethan. Lucky girl is already back in her pre-pregnancy jeans at six weeks postpartum...YOU ROCK FRIEND. I lucked out too because she sent me back to Boston with what feels like a whole new wardrobe of light weight maternity tops I'll be able to wear this summer since my summer gear is pretty limited since I was mostly pregnant through the bigger months in the winter with Levi. I'll pass some of my sweaters and warmer gear along to my sister who will be pregnant through the fall. I love sharing maternity clothes because you're in it for a year or so a few times depending how many children you have and it can be quite the investment, so being able to share is a huge help in providing some wardrobe variety, which I truly appreciate and helps me feeling good in my newly shaped body.

Cravings: Nothing fun to report.

Gender: Nothing new here either.

Movement: The baby is moving enough now that you can see movement now and then when looking at my belly! I always think that is so crazy! Seeing the ripple of movement is one of the strangest things in pregnancy I think.

Symptoms: Nothing new...just more of the same...see previous weeks.

Mental State: This was my first trip away from Levi for a few days, which is now easy since I'm no longer breast feeding. It's all so crazy...that I have been with my child day in and day out for the most part while breast feeding and then suddenly I have the freedom to be gone for a few days. Of course I missed Levi like CRAZY and was so ready to get back to him by the end of the long weekend. Thankfully he had a wonderful time with Nana and Daddy while I was away.

It was also amazing to think about how small Levi once was as I was holding six week old Ethan. This also got me thinking about all the newborn stuff again and how I'll be doing all of it over again in just a few short months...also crazy! I'm excited and curious to see how the whole transition will go since this time I'll have a little more of a clue, but then again every baby is different, so who knows what will and won't work with Jellybean plus the added challenge and fun of juggling a toddlers needs at the same time as caring for a newborn. I'm sure it will be a little chaotic, but we'll get the hang of things and find our stride. I'm getting more and more excited to meet this little one, especially after spending so much time with sweet Ethan!

Appointment Updates
: No appointment updates this week.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to hold Ethan and love on my newest mommy friend Lindsey this weekend. It was wonderful to hang out with her and Courtney and chat about our experiences as mothers.

We even got to attend a breastfeeding support group while we were in town and it was REALLY cool...a bunch of moms hanging out with their babies, asking questions and sharing their thoughts, solutions and experiences all facilitated by a lactation consultant. I don't know if such a thing exists here in Boston, but boy would it have been helpful when I was struggling with breastfeeding the first six weeks of Levi's life.

Great Expectations II: 24 weeks

How Far: 24 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: Hello SIX months! No wonder I look/feel pretty pregnant. That explains A LOT!

I feel like I'm carrying lower this time, which I hear is pretty normal since my muscles are already all stretched out from Levi. I really noticed because there is more space between my chest and my belly and it's easier to breath. I still get out of breath occasionally, but it's nothing like when I would take the stairs with Levi or walk a ways. With him I would get SO winded and think there is no way I can be THIS out of shape...but it was just my lungs being squished and this time around they have a little more room= easier breathing.

I am also getting in LOTS of walking now that the weather is nice. This occasionally leads to sciatica, but thankfully it's very occasional and only if I really over do it. I plan to do my best keeping up the walking and hopefully it will help with keeping the weight gain under control. My gain was always fine with Levi, but now that I've experienced the afterwards portion where you work to lose the pounds, I wouldn't mind gaining a little less. Of course this baby can have what he needs and if that means the same amount of gain, no problem...whatever he needs to be happy and healthy in the end.

Cravings: I'm craving sweets a little more this time around. I like my occasional dessert, milkshake, ice cream or smoothie here and there normally, but lately I REALLY like these items. I'm keeping it under control though since I don't wish to pack on the pounds. It's just funny because I'm just more interested in sweets than I ever was with Levi or in my day to day living not pregnant.

Gender: Nothing new to report gender wise.

Movement: This week I felt a leg or foot or some wasn't like an outline or anything...just an obvious appendage and Adam felt it too. SO CRAZY!

Symptoms: I had my first charlie horse in my leg this week. YIKES! I didn't have any of those with Levi and hope they'll be far and few with this baby.

Otherwise more of the same...heartburn and eye twitching and occasional fatigue, but I'm still doing good on the energy front (thank goodness!)

Mental State: I had a cleaning service out to our condo this week, which my mom is now renting so that she can have her own place up here when she visits. It is going to be so nice when she has it all furnished and baby proofed since Levi will be able to stay with her for a couple days when the new baby arrives amongst other visits.

I also brought a meal to a friend who just had her second baby and things seem to be going well for them, so it will be nice to pick her brain when I'm juggling an infant and a toddler as well. It also reminded me of WHAT a HUGE help meals are in those early weeks when you're getting to know your new baby and your family's new way of life. Such a blessing to not have to worry about cooking on top of everything. So thankful for everyone's help when Levi arrived!

Appointment Updates
: I had an appointment with my midwife this week and everything was great. I'm so thankful. There was a great heartbeat. Levi came with me to the appointment and was really good in the appointment. I think he was happy to not be getting any shots, which have been the norm at his pediatrician appointments. My midwife is pleased with my weight...I've gained 18lbs thus far.

I have my sugar test to look forward to at the next appointment. Yippee...NOT!

Best Moment of the Week: I took Levi to a sing along at the library as well as his music class this week and he was such a hoot, especially at the sing along since there were so many kids there for him to imitate. His dancing and excitement were such a joy to watch. I can't wait to be doing these fun activities with him and his little brother. I am also going to try to take advantage of kids programs at the library more because the sing along was fantastic this week!

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