Great Expectations II: 24 weeks

How Far: 24 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: Hello SIX months! No wonder I look/feel pretty pregnant. That explains A LOT!

I feel like I'm carrying lower this time, which I hear is pretty normal since my muscles are already all stretched out from Levi. I really noticed because there is more space between my chest and my belly and it's easier to breath. I still get out of breath occasionally, but it's nothing like when I would take the stairs with Levi or walk a ways. With him I would get SO winded and think there is no way I can be THIS out of shape...but it was just my lungs being squished and this time around they have a little more room= easier breathing.

I am also getting in LOTS of walking now that the weather is nice. This occasionally leads to sciatica, but thankfully it's very occasional and only if I really over do it. I plan to do my best keeping up the walking and hopefully it will help with keeping the weight gain under control. My gain was always fine with Levi, but now that I've experienced the afterwards portion where you work to lose the pounds, I wouldn't mind gaining a little less. Of course this baby can have what he needs and if that means the same amount of gain, no problem...whatever he needs to be happy and healthy in the end.

Cravings: I'm craving sweets a little more this time around. I like my occasional dessert, milkshake, ice cream or smoothie here and there normally, but lately I REALLY like these items. I'm keeping it under control though since I don't wish to pack on the pounds. It's just funny because I'm just more interested in sweets than I ever was with Levi or in my day to day living not pregnant.

Gender: Nothing new to report gender wise.

Movement: This week I felt a leg or foot or some wasn't like an outline or anything...just an obvious appendage and Adam felt it too. SO CRAZY!

Symptoms: I had my first charlie horse in my leg this week. YIKES! I didn't have any of those with Levi and hope they'll be far and few with this baby.

Otherwise more of the same...heartburn and eye twitching and occasional fatigue, but I'm still doing good on the energy front (thank goodness!)

Mental State: I had a cleaning service out to our condo this week, which my mom is now renting so that she can have her own place up here when she visits. It is going to be so nice when she has it all furnished and baby proofed since Levi will be able to stay with her for a couple days when the new baby arrives amongst other visits.

I also brought a meal to a friend who just had her second baby and things seem to be going well for them, so it will be nice to pick her brain when I'm juggling an infant and a toddler as well. It also reminded me of WHAT a HUGE help meals are in those early weeks when you're getting to know your new baby and your family's new way of life. Such a blessing to not have to worry about cooking on top of everything. So thankful for everyone's help when Levi arrived!

Appointment Updates
: I had an appointment with my midwife this week and everything was great. I'm so thankful. There was a great heartbeat. Levi came with me to the appointment and was really good in the appointment. I think he was happy to not be getting any shots, which have been the norm at his pediatrician appointments. My midwife is pleased with my weight...I've gained 18lbs thus far.

I have my sugar test to look forward to at the next appointment. Yippee...NOT!

Best Moment of the Week: I took Levi to a sing along at the library as well as his music class this week and he was such a hoot, especially at the sing along since there were so many kids there for him to imitate. His dancing and excitement were such a joy to watch. I can't wait to be doing these fun activities with him and his little brother. I am also going to try to take advantage of kids programs at the library more because the sing along was fantastic this week!

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