Great Expectations II: 25 weeks

How Far: 25 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: This week started out with a mini family vacation to the Cape with the Park Street Staff and I got to wear my maternity swim suit at the indoor pool. That swimsuit was SUCH a STEAL at $5 when I was pregnant with Levi and I know it's going to get lots of great use the remainder of this pregnancy as well! I am so glad I own it and don't have to stress about finding something to wear this summer.

Then the week ended with a wonderful visit to see one of my very best friends, Lindsey, and her new baby, Ethan. Lucky girl is already back in her pre-pregnancy jeans at six weeks postpartum...YOU ROCK FRIEND. I lucked out too because she sent me back to Boston with what feels like a whole new wardrobe of light weight maternity tops I'll be able to wear this summer since my summer gear is pretty limited since I was mostly pregnant through the bigger months in the winter with Levi. I'll pass some of my sweaters and warmer gear along to my sister who will be pregnant through the fall. I love sharing maternity clothes because you're in it for a year or so a few times depending how many children you have and it can be quite the investment, so being able to share is a huge help in providing some wardrobe variety, which I truly appreciate and helps me feeling good in my newly shaped body.

Cravings: Nothing fun to report.

Gender: Nothing new here either.

Movement: The baby is moving enough now that you can see movement now and then when looking at my belly! I always think that is so crazy! Seeing the ripple of movement is one of the strangest things in pregnancy I think.

Symptoms: Nothing new...just more of the same...see previous weeks.

Mental State: This was my first trip away from Levi for a few days, which is now easy since I'm no longer breast feeding. It's all so crazy...that I have been with my child day in and day out for the most part while breast feeding and then suddenly I have the freedom to be gone for a few days. Of course I missed Levi like CRAZY and was so ready to get back to him by the end of the long weekend. Thankfully he had a wonderful time with Nana and Daddy while I was away.

It was also amazing to think about how small Levi once was as I was holding six week old Ethan. This also got me thinking about all the newborn stuff again and how I'll be doing all of it over again in just a few short months...also crazy! I'm excited and curious to see how the whole transition will go since this time I'll have a little more of a clue, but then again every baby is different, so who knows what will and won't work with Jellybean plus the added challenge and fun of juggling a toddlers needs at the same time as caring for a newborn. I'm sure it will be a little chaotic, but we'll get the hang of things and find our stride. I'm getting more and more excited to meet this little one, especially after spending so much time with sweet Ethan!

Appointment Updates
: No appointment updates this week.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to hold Ethan and love on my newest mommy friend Lindsey this weekend. It was wonderful to hang out with her and Courtney and chat about our experiences as mothers.

We even got to attend a breastfeeding support group while we were in town and it was REALLY cool...a bunch of moms hanging out with their babies, asking questions and sharing their thoughts, solutions and experiences all facilitated by a lactation consultant. I don't know if such a thing exists here in Boston, but boy would it have been helpful when I was struggling with breastfeeding the first six weeks of Levi's life.

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