Great Expectations II: 27 weeks

How Far: 27 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: Not much has changed on the weight/ clothing front since last week. I'm still loving my newly borrowed and purchased lighter weight pieces! It's warmed up in Boston and I'm definitely sitting pretty in my more summery maternity wear. It is crazy to be in the latter portion of my pregnancy in such extreme opposite climates this time around! It will be interesting to see if the warmer weather and therefore more skin showing effects my weight gain...only time will tell I guess. I could feel puffier because of the effects of the heat on swelling, though I've been lucky in terms of swelling thus far...or perhaps I'll be able to stay a little lighter this time around since I won't be quite as covered up in layers and sweaters. We shall see!

Cravings: Nothing to report in terms of cravings:/.

Movement: There's lots of movement these days! One moment the baby is kicking me in the ribs or trying to climb up into my lungs behind my ribs, or so it feels and the next moment I'm getting flicked in the bladder down below. I guess this baby is quite the gymnast because he must be doing summersaults in the womb or getting a really good arm AND leg work out!

Symptoms: My ribs are KILLING ME! I think it's the combination of acid reflux and my ribs expanding since it isn't quite as bad once I take Zantac, but once the medicine runs its course I'm am back to sore city! It's at its worst at night when I'm trying to sleep. I wind up take turns on each side to bring some relief, but this symptom is NO FUN!

There was also a waddle sighting this week! A friend commented on how I'm beginning to get my mommy waddle on. Uh OH! I definitely wasn't ready to hear that, but it's all good, not much to be done about loosening ligaments and such.

I also had my first bout of Braxton Hicks this week. Gotta love those little practice contractions...of course nothing like the real deal, but still it is a strange feeling when your entire stomach suddenly goes hard as a rock and it become a little hard to breath.

Mental State: I watched Baby John for a friend this week while Levi napped for the most part and it was a little crazy to think this will soon be our new normal. Levi was really sweet with him upon waking from his nap giving hugs and bringing him toys, so that was nice to see because he didn't act as jealous this time around unlike previous episodes with other friends' babies. Perhaps Levi was more comfortable on his own turf.

We also celebrated Father's Day this week with a cookout on Sunday (which was also to thank our youth leaders) that was followed by brunch on Monday where Levi and I gave Adam his Father's Day card and gift. I'm so thankful to have such an amazing partner in this parenting adventure! He is wonderful with Levi and Levi ADORES him! He has so much patience with our son especially in this season where Levi gets frustrated when he lacks the words to communicate what he wants. There is always so much laughter and adventure when these two are together and watching them just makes my heart explode. I know this feeling will only get stronger with the addition of another baby to our family!

Appointment Updates
: I have an appointment next week during which I get to enjoy my sugar test! YAY!

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating Father's Day!

PS...Someone was much happier having his pictures taken this week.

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