Great Expectations II: 28 weeks

How Far: 28 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: I'm feeling good on the clothing front as we head into the warmer weather. We'll see if I still feel this way after a couple weeks in hot/ humid Virginia which is coming up very soon now.

I need to decide what I'm wearing to my cousin's wedding this weekend. It should be fun to be preggo with my sister at the wedding though I'm going to be the one that looks REALLY pregnant in comparison because she is just beginning to show. Hopefully we'll get a few cute bump pictures together!

Cravings: Adam says I'm craving pancakes because I make them at least once a week. I'm not sure if I've necessarily been craving them like last time when I really was, but I like them a lot and so does Levi and I think it's fun to have pancakes for breakfast as a family once a week or so...therefore all the pancake cooking...but most of the time I save it for once a week like I said.

Movement: Still moving around now and then...of course when someone goes to feel the baby move, he stops. Doesn't want to perform for an audience already! It starts early I guess.

Symptoms: Still my heartburn...OUCH!

My eye is still twitching occasionally but either I've learned to live with it better or it's not happening quite as much because I don't notice it as often anymore.

Mental State: Packing for two weeks in Virginia and thinking about how crazy it is going to be to pack for myself and two kiddos in just a few months. I already tend to overpack which can be tricky with flying and weight requirements, so fingers crossed I can get my packing needs honed for myself and the boys. At least once we have to start buying Levi a ticket, I'll probably pack his own bag or one for him and his brother. Guess we'll see about all of that when the time comes.

Appointment Updates: Passed my sugar test with flying colors, so I was thankful for that. My appointment was at 7:50am and anyone who knows me knows I am far from a morning person, so I rolled into the office. Drank my gross sugary beverage before I'd even had my one cup of morning coffee and went to my appointment. My midwife kept asking if I was feeling okay because I didn't look like myself...yup further confirmation that this girl is not a morning person though I wish I was cause it would just make life easier. I assured her I was fine and just hadn't had my one cup of coffee to help wake up or breakfast yet even and she then understood. After my appointment I headed back to the lab to wait out the rest of my hour and have my blood drawn hoping all would be well since I was headed to New York and then Virginia in just a few days, so who knows where I'd fit in the three hour test. Thankfully the results came back and all was well with my sugars, phew!

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating my cousin Josh and Paola's wedding and reuniting with the Sacks family, while also getting to visit with all my cousins on my mom's side. I'm so lucky everyone is in the same place at moments like that. I was thankful Adam could come to the wedding and join in all the fun and catching up before heading to his Airforce base to start his reserve duty even if it meant leaving from the wedding to head to New Jersey. It was also wonderful to see my sister and Chris for a happy occasion and catch up with them since finding out I'm having a NIECE...especially since the last time we were together was for my Nana's memorial at Arlington.

PS...and another cute one of my little Levi for good measure!

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