Great Expectations II: 32 weeks

How Far: 32 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: I think the weight gain is slowing down...I'm not noticing as much fluctuation in how things fit. Otherwise, I don't have too much to report in terms of weight or clothing. Still feeling good in my wardrobe.

This week's dress in the bump pictures is what I picked up to wear on the beach in my maternity pictures! So excited to have them taken. Fingers crossed the dress flatters in all the right ways like I'm envisioning.

Cravings: Lots of water...I've been a little more thirsty and motivated to drink more since the OB said it could help with my Braxton Hicks and my heartburn. I've also been putting sliced lemons in my large hospital cup to keep my hydration motivation up. I can be so bad about drinking water sometimes. Early on in the pregnancy I was all about fizzy water and now I'm between that or lemon water. YUM!

Gender: Feeling excited for Levi to have a little brother.

Movement: Still on the move anytime I think about him and definitely get some rippling belly moments which is always pretty crazy to watch.

Symptoms: A new symptom I'm having on occasion is a charlie horse in my calf. These usually occur while I'm trying to get to those hurt!! As soon as I feel one coming on I try so hard to stretch and make it stop because once it's kicked in I am a sore cookie and the pain lingers even until the next day.

Persistent heartburn that can at times make it hard to sleep but that probably won't be going anywhere until Jellybean is born. Not too much longer now...which is also crazy!

I've noticed my eye isn't twitching that often these days, which is so opposite my pregnancy with Levi when it started twitching towards the end. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! I am very happy with less eye twitching to drive me crazy! Woohoo!

Mental State: This week I photographed our church's Vacation Bible School, which we call Kidsweek. I was so thankful my energy was up for the volunteer opportunity. Levi enjoyed being in the nursery while I volunteered and he took great naps every day after all that social interaction, so I also got some good downtime after my morning photo work was done. It was a great way to volunteer because I could work at my own pace, take breaks if I needed them and see all the inner workings of Kidsweek, which I had yet to check out these past two summers. It will be really fun when Levi gets to attend in two years followed by Jellybean. They're going to LOVE it!

Appointment Updates
: I have an appointment the start of next week...they're every couple of weeks now.

Best Moment of the Week: It's not really pregnancy related, but it was really fun to see the Kidsweek slideshow on Friday and see all the pictures that me and the other photogs had captured of the week. There was a great shot of Levi in the nursery...I'm so glad I was able to volunteer and keep up even at 32 weeks pregnant.

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