Great Expectations II: Weeks 29 and 30

How Far: 29 and 30 weeks

I combined these weeks because I was visiting Virginia and everything blended together.

Weight/ Clothes: I felt REALLY pregnant at my cousin's wedding starting off these two weeks, probably since I had just seen each other at Paola's bridal shower when I was barely showing at it was quite the difference bump wise going from 16 weeks to now 29 weeks! I also didn't dance quite as much as usual since it was a night wedding and by evening my belly just feels heavy most nights. Too bad I can't hand it off for Adam to carry for a bit, so I can rest. HAHA!

I inherited more summery maternity pieces!! Haley lent me some really cute tops as did Courtney since Haley had her stash as well. I even borrowed a great pair of denim shorts from Court! Cousin Sarah also brought me a few summery tops from her maternity collection, so I'm feeling SET! I then paid it forward by bringing my sister all of my maternity sweaters and much more wintery gear to borrow since I certainly won't be needing those pieces this time around being due in September.

I'm getting TONS of use out of my maternity bathing suit too! That was the best five bucks I think I've ever spent since I bought it out of season in October when I was expecting Levi and getting ready for our babymoon. While in New York and Virginia, we visited the pool and the beach multiple days while we were there. Having a bit of a tan is also helping immensely! It's amazing what a few shadows can do for your self esteem when you don't quite feel like yourself, so as my visit in Virginia went on I felt better and better about my pregnant shape. Let's hope the good vibes keep up :).

Cravings: I was really excited to eat stuffed eggplant at Zia's with Mom while I was visiting as well as deliciousness off the grill and out of the Herndon's vegetable garden. YUMMY!

Gender: I had a ball shopping with my mom and sister. Mom, Levi and I headed down to Raleigh to check out Anna and Chris's new place and of course we did some major baby shopping. Anna knew of this adorable baby boutique that had so many gorgeous smocked dresses, so we had a ball picking things out for my niece. We found a few special items for Jellybean too, but I'm really picky when it comes to boy clothes since we already have so many great pieces and especially in that genre because they can be a tad effeminate for me. We did find an adorable blue corduroy smocked jumper for the fall or winter that I more than approved of and some matching Christmas pjs for next Christmas that were killer! We also did some mostly girlie shopping for my niece at Carters. I'm so thrilled I get to still pick out all the girlie things even though I have boys since my sister is having a girl. Now we get to shop for both and it's too fun!

Mom or Nana as my boys know her also wanted to find a few more special pieces for Jellybean while we were visiting, so Grandma kept Levi and she and I headed to the Williamsburg outlets to see what we could find. While we still haven't found the perfect coming home piece, we did get some adorable stuff like matching overalls for Levi and Jellybean from OshGosh and some sweet newborn outfits from Carters since of course Mom had Carter's Cash to spend after shopping for Talia (my niece's actual name) at Carters the weekend before. And no outlet trip would be complete with Nana without a trip to Ralph Lauren to check out his baby clothes. We found some adorable dresses there niece is going to be sooo well dresses, of course who had any doubts about that and we found a few items for Jellybean too...though we didn't make out quite as well this time around on the boys end of things as we had shopping there for Levi when I was pregnant the first time. Too much fun though! I don't plan to have my boys be matchy matchy all the time, but it's fun to have a few pieces that are.

Movement: Jellybean is definitely moving regularly now a days. I need only think about him and I can usually pick up on some small movement. My mom felt him move for the first time this visit, which has been more of a challenge due to my placental placement in the front. Levi has also become a little more aware of the bump giving it the occasional kiss, maybe he is finally catching on to the fact that he is going to be a big brother. I can't wait for the first time his little brother moves when he is leaning on the bump or laying his head near it. His reaction will surely be an interesting one I'm sure.

Symptoms: Just my TERRIBLE heartburn, which I have somewhat under control with Zantac in the  morning and at night and then the occasional Tums on top of that...until that one night when I ran out of Zantac and could not sleep because of the pain. Robin thankfully offered to run out and get me some at 1:30am. I was SOOOOO thankful because I was ready to run out to the store myself for fear of an entire night without sleep. Thankfully the Zantac and a dose of regular strength tylenol finally kicked in and had me on my way to dreamland. It is crazy how painful it is though...I get a bit of relief when I turn over, but soon enough it's burning on the other side. I will be so excited when this symptom is behind me!

The occasional Braxton hicks...especially in the car since I can get pretty uncomfortable with my sitting position while in the passenger seat of most cars.

Speaking of sitting, I've started to get light headed occasionally from certain sitting positions mostly in chairs. My belly and low blood pressure are to blame for this. It's like my belly manages to cut off my circulation and the next thing I know I'm getting light headed. Standing up or sitting on the floor seems to take care of the problem though, so I'm thankful it's an easy fix.

Mental State: While we missed Adam terribly during our two week stay in Virginia (he was doing his two weeks of Airforce reserve duty), Levi and I had a blast visiting with so many friends and family. The grandparents all got a good dose of time with their grandbaby and I got to take the occasional break for some adult time too. The first week we enjoyed visiting with our New York family both on my mom's and dad's side. It had been a long time since they had seen Levi last and he had grown so much!

Then we got to Robin's in time for a visit with Levi's cousins who live in Northern Virginia...Taylor and Scotty's kiddos We headed to the beach with them and Levi had a blast playing in the sand. It will be so much fun having two boys to watch playing at the beach next summer. That visit was followed by a trip with the Gage Clan to the Norfolk zoo and a visit with his cousin's who live outside of Charlottesville, Sarah and Raph and their little ones. We got to meet their newest addition, Everette, and Levi planted a big wet kiss and hug on him when he was laying on the floor. It was too cute and there wasn't a lick of jealousy this go round, so that's progress too! It was so much fun watching him play with the cousins his own age and we all went to a lovely dinner and then the aquarium the next day. I'm so glad our kids will have so many cousins close in age as they grow up because I know I loved having those relationships as a kid and I still do! We'll look forward to seeing the Charlottesville cousins again in October when we come into town for Cabin Weekend with Levi and his new baby brother!!

Then it was off to Raleigh with Nana to visit Tati and Uncle Chris and spoil my soon to be new niece!

This small excursion was followed by an adults only trip to see my best friend Haley who became a new mom just two months ago. It's still so surreal to think as I was holding her baby Sawyer that I will have a newborn again in just a couple months! Oh my goodness this pregnancy just keeps flying by!!! I love our sweet tradition of visiting each other when becoming a new mom and I'm so glad I got to spend some quality time with Courtney both on our trip to see Lindsey and Haley before she leaves for Japan in the fall. I've been spoiled by all this best friend time because I will say being home with kiddos can have it's days when you miss getting to see other adults and especially those that are so easy to just pick back up with since you've known them forever and they know you inside and out!

Our Virginia trip wrapped up with a visit with Laura and her kiddos who I hadn't seen in two years. We had so much fun together catching up and it was as if we hadn't even moved in opposite directions. We took the kiddos to an amazing petting zoo at Hunt Club Farm, followed by water fun in the backyard and a day at the beach the next day. I loved watching her and her kids and thinking that's what the age gap will pretty much look like with my two littles ones. Good to know you can survive, conquer and thrive!

The week wrapped up with a visit with my dinner club girls...oh how far we've all come as many of us are now moms and the conversations definitely look different with each visit...such as advice on potty training and language development. I also enjoyed an OSL adults only night out on the town. It was pretty much our Italy crew minus Adam, we all missed him! Grandparents rocked watching all the kiddos for the evening so we could enjoy dinner and postponed 4th of July fireworks.

We spent our last day at the bay by my mom's house with Nana and Grandma, who were both in heaven watching their grandson play in the sand and water. The water was so calm too which was AWESOME! We will definitely be frequenting that beach next summer when I am outnumbered by two kiddos.

It was a fun filled, wonderful trip full of awesome visits, new memories and pictures of course, but it was so good to also get home to Adam. He works so hard to provide and I'm so thankful he's understanding when I take Levi away for two weeks not only because it's helpful for me to be around family when he's away for extended times, but it's also so rejuvenating to be around old friends and our wonderful family.

Appointment Updates
: I have an appointment next week when I get home to Boston. I'll be checking in about the heartburn and the lightheadedness just in case there is some other options for heartburn relief and to be sure there's nothing I should be worried about with the lightheadedness.

Best Moment of the Week: There were too many highlights to pick a best...the best was just our trip overall! Thanks everyone for making it a wonderful visit! Can't wait for our next visit in October with our new baby boy in tow!

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