Teacher of the Year

The day before Christmas break I recieved the AMAZING news that I was being honored as the 2012 Teacher of the Year for Pembroke Meadows Elementary School!

It is the highest honor I recieved in my career to date and I feel so thankful.

How did I find out?
Well I was called down to the news room the morning before holiday break because there was an "ESL problem". I didn't think I would find out the results of my TOY nomination until after the break, so I went unknowing of what was up even though I thought it was strange that there was an "ESL problem" when none of my students are even on the newsteam. I thought perhaps the nominees were going to be featured or something.

BOY WAS I SURPRISED when I was the only person there and the principal called me into the camera shot and handed me flowers as he explained to the whole school that I was the new Teacher of the Year.
My third grade classroom teacher said they had a celebration cheering as I recieved the reward.
All day I recieved congratulations and students would point at me in the hall and say, "There she is!" as if I was a celebrity in their midst.

After the big announcement I had some pictures taken for the website and then continued my day and what a GREAT day it was! Here I am with a group of my students.

Some days I still can't believe it's ME!
This was an accolade I hoped to someday aspire to, but I never thought it could happen as an ESL teacher since I'm itinerant between three schools, but it did and I am SO HONORED!

Now it's on to the district wide TOY competition...a friend of mine compared this to the pageant system...it's funny how similar parts are. After winning at my school I had to write five essays, compile a details professional development resume and gather letters of commendation. We'll see if I go any further. 9 teachers get surprise visits and then interviews as they compete for the district wide TOY! It's pretty exciting!
Guess we'll see!

Retro post: Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning began at the Herndons bright and early.
We enjoyed some sticky buns before breaking into the gifts.
Normally we wear our PJs from house to house, but we had church Christmas morning...so we got dressed for the day before heading out this year.
We tricked Ev with a barbell to weigh down his gift card.
We won the weight in a dirty santa exchange.
Adam was excited about his Keurig!
And his surprise...
golf clubs.
Robin got a TV surprise for the kitchen...
there were lots of fun surprises under the tree this Christmas.
Adam got a roof rack for his bike.
and Evan got an inversion table!
Amy got funds for landscaping...she got the plans last Christmas as a gift. This was a followup.
Another surprise for Robin...her own laptop!
I got some fun things too, but was behind the camera as usual. Some of my fave gifts this year from the Herndons, I enjoyed a few gift cards, a photo album with funds to build a photography website, a French press and set of 8 Starbucks coffee mugs.

Then it was off to the Barker house for a Christmas morning encore.
Nana was with us this year.
Anna and Chris opening their gift from us...
Adam got an organizer for his Keurig Kcups.
Clothes for Anna.
Cool phone gadgets for Adam and I from Anna and Chris.
A Teacher of the Year nutcracker! A definite Christmas highlight!
Tri bike shoes
Gift cards for books!
Mom surprised with CDs.
Anna and LOTS of accessories!
A roasting pan for turkeys and dinner's beef roast.
Mom and Brad got Nana a beautiful piece of jewelry...I love her reaction!
Anna's festive winter coat.
It was a festive Christmas morning with TONS of goodies.
We are so spoiled by our family!

That night I hosted Christmas dinner, which has become a tradition over the past few years!
Then to wrap up the holiday...we celebrated Christmas with Samson.
He opened his own gifts...
and played with them as all kids will do!
He was one happy dog!
Merry Christmas Everybody from the Herndons! We love you all!

Retro post: Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve festivities began at the annual brunch at Leslie's.
After brunch, Adam and I relaxed for a while and then headed to church for Christmas Eve service. Haley, Justin and Leslie joined us at church and I really enjoyed having them there.

Then it was off to my mom's for our Christmas Eve dinner extravaganza!
This is my favorite day of the entire year and it's no wonder why.

Shelby and Adrienne were in attendance...so we got a girls shot.
Chris and his mom attended for the first time too.
Time with friends!
Dinner time...or should I say lobster fradiovalo time! YUMMY!
And Nana joined us at the kids table...she always did that growing up!
Reagan relaxed in the living room watching her movie while her parents enjoyed dinner with everyone. I love this picture of her and Adam...it's as if she's saying...sit a while friend.
Last year we started the tradition of a dirty santa ornament exchange...so here's the yearly photo montage of the shenanigans.

I took home the pink vespa ornament!

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