Teacher of the Year

The day before Christmas break I recieved the AMAZING news that I was being honored as the 2012 Teacher of the Year for Pembroke Meadows Elementary School!

It is the highest honor I recieved in my career to date and I feel so thankful.

How did I find out?
Well I was called down to the news room the morning before holiday break because there was an "ESL problem". I didn't think I would find out the results of my TOY nomination until after the break, so I went unknowing of what was up even though I thought it was strange that there was an "ESL problem" when none of my students are even on the newsteam. I thought perhaps the nominees were going to be featured or something.

BOY WAS I SURPRISED when I was the only person there and the principal called me into the camera shot and handed me flowers as he explained to the whole school that I was the new Teacher of the Year.
My third grade classroom teacher said they had a celebration cheering as I recieved the reward.
All day I recieved congratulations and students would point at me in the hall and say, "There she is!" as if I was a celebrity in their midst.

After the big announcement I had some pictures taken for the website and then continued my day and what a GREAT day it was! Here I am with a group of my students.

Some days I still can't believe it's ME!
This was an accolade I hoped to someday aspire to, but I never thought it could happen as an ESL teacher since I'm itinerant between three schools, but it did and I am SO HONORED!

Now it's on to the district wide TOY competition...a friend of mine compared this to the pageant system...it's funny how similar parts are. After winning at my school I had to write five essays, compile a details professional development resume and gather letters of commendation. We'll see if I go any further. 9 teachers get surprise visits and then interviews as they compete for the district wide TOY! It's pretty exciting!
Guess we'll see!

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