Retro post: Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve festivities began at the annual brunch at Leslie's.
After brunch, Adam and I relaxed for a while and then headed to church for Christmas Eve service. Haley, Justin and Leslie joined us at church and I really enjoyed having them there.

Then it was off to my mom's for our Christmas Eve dinner extravaganza!
This is my favorite day of the entire year and it's no wonder why.

Shelby and Adrienne were in we got a girls shot.
Chris and his mom attended for the first time too.
Time with friends!
Dinner time...or should I say lobster fradiovalo time! YUMMY!
And Nana joined us at the kids table...she always did that growing up!
Reagan relaxed in the living room watching her movie while her parents enjoyed dinner with everyone. I love this picture of her and's as if she's saying...sit a while friend.
Last year we started the tradition of a dirty santa ornament here's the yearly photo montage of the shenanigans.

I took home the pink vespa ornament!

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