DJ and company come to Boston

DJ and some of his pals flew in for a visit this week. They spent Monday touring around Boston and even took a tour of Fenway Park. Then Tuesday the guys all went up to Gunstock in New Hampshire for some killer skiing.They said the views and the trails were just out of this world!!
We're excited about our new additions to the wall of fame...AKA pictures of out of town friends and family on the fridge who have come to visit in the last year and a half! Come join the wall!

Miss America 2008

Well it was that time of the year again! Time to see the new Miss America Crowned.

Here are the two pageant Jessicas. That's right folks we both did pageants and are both named Jessica. The only difference is I competed in Virginia while Jessica Phelps competed in Washington (state) and she is now pregnant while I am not.

We were all ready to watch and judge the contenders for the title of Miss America 2008. It has become our tradition to sport our crowns while watching the pageant. Festive right!?!

Well Miss Virginia was third runner up and Miss Washington was second runner up. So we had our sad faces on because at least one of our two states could have won the title!! Boooo:(

We even made the boys sit through the pageant and share their thoughts on the contestants. They kept trying to root for our least favorite contestants. Can you tell how excited they were to be watching!!

Of course the evening was not complete without the acknowledgement of a future Miss America! How many of these girls can say they've been watching the pageant since they were in the womb!?!

Adam's Chaplaincy Course

Adam had the opportunity last week to take a week long intensive course on Chaplaincy. He found it inspiring and motivating as he gets closer and closer to beginning his trainings this summer. We even had an opportunity to have dinner with a group of Chaplains and Chaplain candidates. The most exciting part of the dinner was the chance to eat and talk with Airforce Chief of Chaplains.
It was a delightful introduction for Jessica to the Unites States Airforce. We're really looking forward to how God plans to use Adam in the soldiers' lives that he works with.

Uncle Adam visits Bronson

Just after the holidays, Adam finally had a chance to go down to Jacksonville, Florida and see Brent and Tricia's new baby Bronson. He hadn't had a chance to see them since their wedding, which was almost two years ago. Then as stated in his Best Man speech at their wedding, he took on the new title of Uncle Adam. It was a fun and exciting time getting to hang out with his best friend Brent and his wife Tricia and of course their new addition Bronson.

Here's the happy family: Tricia, Brent, Bronson and Uncle Adam.

Uncle Adam even learned the best ways to get Bronson to laugh. He would make an adorable train sound and Bronson would crack up as shown here:) You just have to smile.

We ask that everyone be praying for Bronson because he's had a bit of a rough beginning but is slowly gaining strength especially now that he has his new feeding tube, which he recieved right after Adam's visit. He is a sweet little guy and we know God will help him to grow up strong and healthy. We are so thankful for his loving parents, our best friends, and the strength they have had through these last six months. We hope you'll keep their family in your prayers as well.

Amy's Bridal Shower

Robin went all out on the food spread and it was delicious, perfect to celebrate a bridal shower!
Amy requested punch, so here she is enjoying her punch!

We played some really fun games. One was a memory game where Amy modeled all sorts of kitchen items and then everyone had to write down what they could remember when she was out of the room. That game was followed by a purse scavenger hunt, which the bride actually won!She was certainly showered with gifts to begin getting ready for married life!
I got her a clock that they had asked for to "get her to the church on time"!

She didn't break a single ribbon as she openned her gifts, but they certainly made for a beautiful rehearsal bouquet.The shower was not only beautiful, but loads of fun as well! Here's to a beautiful wedding!

Evan and Amy's New Place!

Congratulations to Evan and Amy on their new place!A beautiful townhouse in Virginia Beach for them to settle into once they get married.
Evan will be moving in for the time being and Amy will be along in May.
It's so exciting all these new beginnings.

We're so happy for them! We can't wait to see how the place comes together.

2nd Christmas with the Herndons

On the 26th, both of Adam's grandmas came to town and his aunt. So we all gathered for a second xmas celebration.

Even the dog, Murphy, helped with the gift openning festivities!

Merry Christmas

The Red Sox Fans had a delightful Christmas morning. Adam got a beautiful guitar that he asked for and I got a new winter coat and a beautiful diamond necklace from my hubbie.Amy was in attendance for the first time Christmas morning.
Talk about thinking alike when it comes to gifts, last year we all bought calendars for the family and this year we all bought Robin tart warmers for Christmas. Funny!
Mom was excited about her new iron pan and Dooney and Burke purse.
We went to my mom's in our PJs to finish Christmas morning and not only did we get our college rocking chairs, but we got navigation systems for our cars too! Anna even got both of us some good lookin outfits, now we'll be stylin.
It was a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve began with the Annual Christmas Eve Brunch at Leslie's, the best way to kick off the Christmas festivities.
I love getting together with the Great Bridge gang! It's such a blessing to have such close friends who have known me for so long. Can you believe how old my sister looks!
We went to Christmas Eve services with Adam's folks and even had a chance to catch up with our favorite Atlantic Shores pastors.
Then we all met at my mom's for Christmas Eve dinner. It was most festive!
Here we are with Evan and Amy, my favorite sibling-in-laws.
The Annual Lobster Fradivalo meal was delicious.
Everette with his two new daughters.
Sisterly Love.It was a wonderful Christmas Eve, full of family, friends and celebration.

Lindsey's First Shower

Since most of Lindsey's Bridesmaids were going to be in the came city, we decided to throw her first shower. So we met at her house for our first bridesmaid dress fitting and lots of chit chat about her wedding plans and a toast to the bride!Then that night we threw her a Passion Party to begin her honeymoon preparation!
It was a blast! Pecker cakes and all!

Christmas Break Begins

We arrived in Virginia Beach around 2:30am after a long drive that began at 3pm Friday afternoon. After some sleep, we woke at the Herndon house and met a group of the guys at Great Bridge High School to play some tackle football. Don't our guys look tough!?! It was drizzling out, so the ladies sat in the car and watched from a warm, dry climate.
It was fun catching up with Carrie, Ian's fiance, who just finished school at Liberty and is looking forward to being in the same city as Ian. We had lots of adult talk from home buying to careers.
Boy it was great to be back in the Hampton Roads!

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