Uncle Adam visits Bronson

Just after the holidays, Adam finally had a chance to go down to Jacksonville, Florida and see Brent and Tricia's new baby Bronson. He hadn't had a chance to see them since their wedding, which was almost two years ago. Then as stated in his Best Man speech at their wedding, he took on the new title of Uncle Adam. It was a fun and exciting time getting to hang out with his best friend Brent and his wife Tricia and of course their new addition Bronson.

Here's the happy family: Tricia, Brent, Bronson and Uncle Adam.

Uncle Adam even learned the best ways to get Bronson to laugh. He would make an adorable train sound and Bronson would crack up as shown here:) You just have to smile.

We ask that everyone be praying for Bronson because he's had a bit of a rough beginning but is slowly gaining strength especially now that he has his new feeding tube, which he recieved right after Adam's visit. He is a sweet little guy and we know God will help him to grow up strong and healthy. We are so thankful for his loving parents, our best friends, and the strength they have had through these last six months. We hope you'll keep their family in your prayers as well.

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