Miss America 2008

Well it was that time of the year again! Time to see the new Miss America Crowned.

Here are the two pageant Jessicas. That's right folks we both did pageants and are both named Jessica. The only difference is I competed in Virginia while Jessica Phelps competed in Washington (state) and she is now pregnant while I am not.

We were all ready to watch and judge the contenders for the title of Miss America 2008. It has become our tradition to sport our crowns while watching the pageant. Festive right!?!

Well Miss Virginia was third runner up and Miss Washington was second runner up. So we had our sad faces on because at least one of our two states could have won the title!! Boooo:(

We even made the boys sit through the pageant and share their thoughts on the contestants. They kept trying to root for our least favorite contestants. Can you tell how excited they were to be watching!!

Of course the evening was not complete without the acknowledgement of a future Miss America! How many of these girls can say they've been watching the pageant since they were in the womb!?!

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