Jessica Phelp's Baby Shower

SURPRISE! It's your baby shower!
Yummy breakfast foods and an edible arrangement made by yours truly.
Chowing down with the mommy to be.
The gifts for baby Phelps. Jessica and one of the many other Jessicas at our church, this one is the mommy to be.
We began a library of books for the baby.
No shower is complete without games. How many words can you make out of Baby Girl?
Colleen and I got her the swing from her registry. Hopefully the baby liked to be swung.
Just a few gift highlights, but she got some adorable outfits for the baby like this one.
So the surprise was a success and the shower was fun had by all.

A Bruins' Game

Thanks to Joe who got four free tickets to go see the Bruins, Adam got to go and see a professional hockey game. Guy friends from church: Drew, Joe, Adam and my Adam.

The game begins. They all said it was an exciting game!

Jenny Van visits

Jenny Van was in Boston for a law conference at Harvard, so I got to play hostess to her Sunday afternoon and make dinner for us at my house before taking her to the airport to fly back to Colorado.

Adam's Missions Trip to New Orleans

Adam had a great opportunity to travel to New Orleans with a team of seminarians to help a church down there with their continued efforts to rebuild its community.The team was split into three smaller building teams and each worked on a different location. Here is Adam's team.
The first day in New Orleans the team had a chance to take a tour throughout New Orleans to get a true perspective on the devastation that still exists there. He was amazed by how many homes were still in shambles and the plots of land that were still left with just a foundation.
The team not only worked on the home of a local pastor, but they also worked on a small barber shop in the home's backyard because this pastor had lost both his home and his barber shop in the hurricaine. Here they are working on putting up the house's siding so that they could dry in the interior to begin work on the dry wall the following days.
The home's exterior.

Adam working on the interior's dry wall including the ceiling.

Here is the whole Gordon Conwell team on Bourbon Street. they spent the last day working half a day and then they visited New Orleans and gave out food to the homeless and those in need many of whom are currently living under bridges. Adam definitely felt humbled by the entire experience and lucky to have had the chance to go and work down there. So thanks to everyone who made this trip possible through your financial support and prayers!

My mom's dream come true, her very own Cabin!

So my mom had been wanting a cabin of her own since I can remember and that dream finally came true in February when she closed on her very own cabin and I was able to go up with her for the closing and to help her start decorate.Mom doing her victory dance.
The harth, it has a wood stove that really heats the place nicely once you get it going.
Here we are after a day of shopping at all the local antique stores in town. The only furniture we had for the weekend was a pull out couch which came with the cabin, but we made do and we bought a couple cute tables and chairs that we were able to use to avoid having dinner on the floor, which is exactly what we did the first night. We roughed it a bit, but it was a blast anyway.
So here's the cabin. It's like a minature Grave's mountain cabin, but no worries in case you were wondering we will still be continuing the Grave's Mountain tradition in October This cabin is for the rest of the weekends in the year.

Wedding Gown Shopping with Shelby

So after the showers had subsided, I was invited by Shelby to go wedding gown shopping on Sunday. So the wedding weekend continued, which is lucky for me because I LOVE every aspect of weddings from the planning and shopping to the attire to the big day itself. Of course I can't post any of those pictures so you'll have to wait a year for the actual big day to see what we found, but let me just say it is GORGOUS and perfect on her!!! Thanks Shelb for inviting me to be a part of such a special day. I was so honored, words can't descibe how happy I was to be there with you! XOXO

Lindsey's Lingerie Shower

Talk about a packed shower weekend. The same night as the Wedding Shower we all headed to Leslie's house for Lindsey's Lingerie Shower.

Everyone hanging out enjoying drinks and food before the shower's main event began, the openning of the lingerie!

I'll leave the actual lingerie up to the imagination, but this shots gives you a hint as to how wonderfully naughty it might have been. (wink)

Of course, you can't have a shower without games and Shelby definately won this one, she only had to cheat a little bit with the help of our moms!

Lindsey's Wedding Shower

Over my February vacation I was able to go home for Lindsey's shower weekend.
It began with her wedding shower which had a Charleston Chapeau theme, hence the hats.

The Bride with her Bridesmaids.

The Maid of Honor and her Charlestons Chapeau party favors. Adorable!

The bride openning her gifts.

Super Bowl Sunday

So our life community group from Gracepoint had a Super Bowl Party to cheer on the Pats.

It was a great time except at the end when the Patriots ruined their perfect season by NOT winning! Let's just say there were a lot of upset New Englanders!

A girls weekend in the grand city of Boston

The month of February kicked off with an amazing girls weekend in Boston where Thais had a business trip in town so Celeste decided to come up and join us for the weekend as well. We definitely took advantage of what the city had to offer!

Friday night, starting out the weekend at the posh restaurant The Beehive.

After dinner we did some window shopping at Copely Square and the Prudential. Thais and I had a glamor moment in celebrity size sunglasses.

Then it was off to the North End for cappaccinos and canollis or in my case tiramasu.
We spent tons of our time together just catching up on the things of life.
After spending the night in Boston at Thais's hotel, we had lunch at Tealuxe on Newbury St. where we also window shopped and we were even treated to a hand treatment at Lush.
As we continued to stroll around Boston, we even came across a wine tasting with a Super Bowl theme so of course we stopped in.
Then it was off to VOX for martinis, an appetizer and of course more conversation!
And our final event of the weekend was a delicious dinner on the North End before we all headed back to my house in Peabody. It was such a full weekend and we all really enjoyed the time together! We'll have to do it again, maybe in Chicago next time and jump from city to city.

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