My mom's dream come true, her very own Cabin!

So my mom had been wanting a cabin of her own since I can remember and that dream finally came true in February when she closed on her very own cabin and I was able to go up with her for the closing and to help her start decorate.Mom doing her victory dance.
The harth, it has a wood stove that really heats the place nicely once you get it going.
Here we are after a day of shopping at all the local antique stores in town. The only furniture we had for the weekend was a pull out couch which came with the cabin, but we made do and we bought a couple cute tables and chairs that we were able to use to avoid having dinner on the floor, which is exactly what we did the first night. We roughed it a bit, but it was a blast anyway.
So here's the cabin. It's like a minature Grave's mountain cabin, but no worries in case you were wondering we will still be continuing the Grave's Mountain tradition in October This cabin is for the rest of the weekends in the year.

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Anonymous said...

How cute! I love it!!

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