Adam's Missions Trip to New Orleans

Adam had a great opportunity to travel to New Orleans with a team of seminarians to help a church down there with their continued efforts to rebuild its community.The team was split into three smaller building teams and each worked on a different location. Here is Adam's team.
The first day in New Orleans the team had a chance to take a tour throughout New Orleans to get a true perspective on the devastation that still exists there. He was amazed by how many homes were still in shambles and the plots of land that were still left with just a foundation.
The team not only worked on the home of a local pastor, but they also worked on a small barber shop in the home's backyard because this pastor had lost both his home and his barber shop in the hurricaine. Here they are working on putting up the house's siding so that they could dry in the interior to begin work on the dry wall the following days.
The home's exterior.

Adam working on the interior's dry wall including the ceiling.

Here is the whole Gordon Conwell team on Bourbon Street. they spent the last day working half a day and then they visited New Orleans and gave out food to the homeless and those in need many of whom are currently living under bridges. Adam definitely felt humbled by the entire experience and lucky to have had the chance to go and work down there. So thanks to everyone who made this trip possible through your financial support and prayers!

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