Another Herndon gets married

Adam's cousin Brian got married to his lovely wife, Jami, on August 8th, and their parents had a reception for them this past weekend at their home.
We really enjoyed getting to spend time with our newly weded cousins and our soon-to-be parents cousins.
It was also fun to see all the aunts and uncles together again. The Herndon clan always has such a great time together.

Here's the happy couple.

Congrats guys!

We are looking forward to spending more time with you back in Hampton Roads.

Haley and Justin's House Warming

Congrats to Justin and Haley on their new home!
A shot of the happy couple celebrating their new home!

It is just adorable and perfect for them.

Not the best shot of Haley and I...but I was just so happy for her I had to include it!

Here are some shots of the house. The rooms are really roomy and they've done a beautiful job decorating. The living room isn't quite done yet, but they have a really cool vision for it to be like an art studio. We were also excited to be the firsts guest to stay in their guest room. Thanks for having us guys and congrats again on your lovely new home! We hope there are many happy, happy days ahead there.

Anna's headed to college

So Anna was off to Radford very soon and we needed to have one last dinner with her before she left us. So a dinner date it was on the patio of Bravo at the Town Center. It was a lovely evening with her and Will. I just can't believe that my baby sister is off to college!! I can't wait to hear all about the great things that are in store there.

The new office!

So Monday following camp, we moved Adam into his new office at church.He's already been very productive in his new space creating sermons and getting organized for this upcoming year. He's been collecting artwork and various items for a future office for some time now and it was very exciting to see it all in its perfect place!

Welcome to ministry, AKA CAMP DIXIE

So three days after Adam's arrival in Virginia Beach, it was time to get to work, literally! So we were off to Camp Dixie for our first week working with our new ministry, The Atlantic Shores Middle School Waves. We took about 65 students and another 20 high school and adult leaders.

One of the first orders of business, which I took pretty seriously, was the room decorating contest. I was worried about making a good first impression with the students so I tried my best to get lots of beach paradise items together for our theme (thanks mostly to my sister's Bat-Mitvah, kind of ironic)...and guess what...yes our room won from the girls cabins!

So this was also my first summer camp experience and it was definately jam packed. After breakfast we heard devotions from Adam and Hugh, two of our church's pastors. Adam presented the students with his vision for the ministry and challenged them to think about the community he wished them to be. Then we spent the mornings playing paintball (also a first for me), riding the go-carts and alternating through in door stations that varied from creating a team commercial and lip-sync to creating camp frames.

Then after lunch and afternoon devotions, we met back together for team competitions and water events (pool and the lake).

Here are some of those fun team competitions. One was a boat building contest and another was the Blob Olympics. Adam and I were on the red team and we rocked it out!

Here's the building process followed by the boating competition itself.

Here's Adam is blobbing someone. That thing is CRAZY!


Then the nights were spent in our evening services where after warming up with some more team competitions and a great time of worship, we heard from our camp speaker who challenged the students to follow after Christ and pursue God with passion.

T.Jay was very excited to be passing the Middle School paton on to Adam as he goes on to work with the High School ministry. Every time T. Jay has seen our parents, he reminds them of how he must be their favorite person right now for bringing us home to Virginia Beach and he's mom may even name a future dog after him, which in our family is a true honor!

Overall, it was a fantastic introduction to the ministry and a great way to get to know many of the students. We are so excited for what God has for this ministry.

HOME AT LAST! Adam's return

August 7th, Adam finally returned home to our new home of Virginia Beach!Here I am a very happy wife meeting my husband at the airport after being apart for two and a half months, long enough! I'm SO excited he's home!Doesn't he look handsome in his uniform!! That's my handsome airman!That night we stayed in Downtown Norfolk and celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a delicious sushi dinner followed by a walk along the water at waterside, which we hadn't done since our first date. It was a sweet moment six years later. Sometimes I can't believe we've been together that long because time has just flown by, especially these past three years!

Happy Anniversary Honey!
Thanks for these happy years and I am so excited for what the future will bring!


My dad's house has been in need of some organization and a female touch. So my sister and I decided to help our Dad out when we got back from New York, while Will took him to get a new fridge for the kitchen since his fridge had recently died.

We started out the day with a shout out to the 80s...we think that's when these McDonald's bibs might be from. Cute huh?!

Living room before shot...pretty cluttered, but about to be taken care of!
After shots...beautifully organized! Anna worked on the living room while I worked on the kitchen. We accomplished a lot while there.

Kitchen before shot...cluttered as well, but not for much longer!
A new, happier kitchen complete with new, working fridge and now clutterfree.

We are very excited about Dad's newly organized house and how happy he was with the work we accomplished there. We love you Dad!

A last minute trip to New York

So at the last minute my mom and sister decided we should take a trip to New York for the weekend. So I went along as did Will. It was a lot of fun of course between celebrating Anna's birthday and seeing family and friends while visiting new cites around the City. Here I am with my childhood friend, Marissa and her new baby.

Then we spent Saturday and Sunday in the City. On Saturday we even had a chance to meet up with my cousin Josh for pizza after street shopping around Canal Street. Josh had just moved back to New York from LA on Wednesday, talk about lucky timing.
Then Joann, John, Taylor and Jack met us Saturday afternoon for some more shopping and dinner in SoHo.Sunday morning we had breakfast with my aunts, uncle and cousins on my dad's side. It was great seeing everybody especially since we hadn't all been together since my wedding. Boy does time fly!While Anna and Will did tons of siteseeing since Will had never visited New York, my mom and I spent the afternoon in Central Park, which I had never been inside. It is a beautiful spot and I can't wait to go back and spend time there with Adam.To finish off the night, we sang happy birthday to Anna with a pizza pie since Sunday was her actual 18th birthday.
Needless to say, it was a great last minute trip!

Anna's Surprise 18th Birthday Party

Anna turns 18!
We made a last minute trip to New York last weekend and our cousins put together a surprise 18th birthday celebration for my sister. Can you believe that my little sister is now technically an adult!? It just feels like yesterday she was a still a young girl as Adam constantly reminds me.
Here's the surprise moment. She had just come from Jone's Beach and had NO IDEA!
Sisterly Love...there's my sister who I am also often told looks older than me!Four generations of cousins, my mom's, our older cousins' (Linda, Barbara and Joann's), mine and my sister's, and Madeline's (Joann's youngest daughter)...and her nanny, Anna.Anna and her honey, Will, celebrating and meeting lots of family!My sister wanted a gold fish for her college dorm room, so I got her the bowl, fish food and red gravel to match her room's decor as well as a fake fish since I figured it would be hard to get a real fist back home to Virginia. If she decides a real fish would be too much to take care of at least she has a fake one that is cute in the meantime.And of course, no eighteenth birthday is complete without playing the loto. So I bought her scratch tickets. I think she won her first dollar!Time for cake! No better cake than Mario's Bakery.
Happy 18th Anna! Enjoy your first year of adult life!

Visiting Celeste in Charlottesville

After my visit to Northern Virginia, I was able to make my way to Charlottesville to see Celeste to round off my trip. It felt so great to be seeing old friends who I hadn't seen in a while. It was also nice being back at UVA and I'm looking forward to finally being back this fall for a football game.
We enjoyed wine tasting with Celeste's mom at a couple of the wonderful vineyards the Charlottesville area has to offer followed by a Tastefully Simple party back at Celeste's place. I am so glad I will be close by to visit, especially since Celeste hopes to be expecting in the near future.

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