A Northern Virginia Girl's weekend

A surprise weekend to Chicago had been planned for Pete Bullette, my campus pastor, for many months and then to top things off Amanda and Andrew thought it would be even more fun if the while the guys were out of town celebrating with Pete if the girls all came into town to spend time with Pete's wife Amy and the wives who were left behind. So I joined the fun since I actually live in a place now that would allow me to be a part of the suprise.

Here are the guys just after Pete's surprise that indeed he would not be attending a Nationals baseball game, but would be flying away to Chicago, though he didn't find that out till they were all at the gate a little later. At this point, he was just thoroughly confused.

Amy, Ian and I joined Christina and Amanda at the Owen's home for the weekend. The while Amy and Ian went to a conference on Saturday, Christina, Amanda and I went out for brunch in Old Town Alexandria at an adorable little cafe called Bread and Chocolate.Yummy!

After brunch, we walked around and did some window shopping around Old Town. Here we are taking advantage of a pretty photo opportunity in one of Old Town's gardens.
Then that night, we made dinner and spent the evening catching up with Amy as we did our own pedicures and manicures.

All I can say to wrap up this visit is I have missed these women and I am so happy to have moved back to Virginia!


Andrew said...

more fun pictures! however, that first sentence is the longest sentence E-V-E-R! :)

Jenny said...

I'm so happy that you had fun... HOWEVER, someone seems to be missing from these pictures (cough, cough... ME!)Thus, you need to come visit again so I can play this time!!

Kristen said...

i was searching something, and this came up. You all look great, nice idea and it looks like you had a blast. I am sure Pete was confused... =)

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