My dad's house has been in need of some organization and a female touch. So my sister and I decided to help our Dad out when we got back from New York, while Will took him to get a new fridge for the kitchen since his fridge had recently died.

We started out the day with a shout out to the 80s...we think that's when these McDonald's bibs might be from. Cute huh?!

Living room before shot...pretty cluttered, but about to be taken care of!
After shots...beautifully organized! Anna worked on the living room while I worked on the kitchen. We accomplished a lot while there.

Kitchen before shot...cluttered as well, but not for much longer!
A new, happier kitchen complete with new, working fridge and now clutterfree.

We are very excited about Dad's newly organized house and how happy he was with the work we accomplished there. We love you Dad!

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Anonymous said...

One word: WOW. I know that wasn't easy!

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