Anna's Surprise 18th Birthday Party

Anna turns 18!
We made a last minute trip to New York last weekend and our cousins put together a surprise 18th birthday celebration for my sister. Can you believe that my little sister is now technically an adult!? It just feels like yesterday she was a still a young girl as Adam constantly reminds me.
Here's the surprise moment. She had just come from Jone's Beach and had NO IDEA!
Sisterly Love...there's my sister who I am also often told looks older than me!Four generations of cousins, my mom's, our older cousins' (Linda, Barbara and Joann's), mine and my sister's, and Madeline's (Joann's youngest daughter)...and her nanny, Anna.Anna and her honey, Will, celebrating and meeting lots of family!My sister wanted a gold fish for her college dorm room, so I got her the bowl, fish food and red gravel to match her room's decor as well as a fake fish since I figured it would be hard to get a real fist back home to Virginia. If she decides a real fish would be too much to take care of at least she has a fake one that is cute in the meantime.And of course, no eighteenth birthday is complete without playing the loto. So I bought her scratch tickets. I think she won her first dollar!Time for cake! No better cake than Mario's Bakery.
Happy 18th Anna! Enjoy your first year of adult life!

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Drew Watts said...

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