A Tide's Game

So I even got to spend some time with my sister and brother-in-laws!
We went to a Tide's game because Evan was working sound for a band that was playing there before the game. So we went along for moral support and just to hang out too!

The newest Herndon women! Me and my sister-in-law!

Evan and Amy, the still newly weds, enjoying a ball park sausage! Nothing like it. YUM!
The Tides even won the game! Oh and tons of people were wearing Red Sox gear! I felt like I was back home in Massachussetts! Go RED SOX!

Summer Recap- Duck with Herndon woman

So I arrived back in town Tuesday and already had plans to travel to Duck for the day on Wednesday with the woman of Adam's family, his mom, aunt and both grandmas. It's one of their yearly traditions to go down to Duck for the day and do some shopping. So that's what I got to be apart of this year.

It's their tradition to have a couple large ice cream cones for lunch. I had a tuna wrap and joined in on round two.
Here's me and the grannies...
...and then me with my other mom and aunt enjoying our ice cream. YUM!Aunt Linda was turning 60, so we celebrated hers and Gramma's birthdays the next night at the Herndons. The newly wed Herndons were in attendance too!

Summer recap- visiting my Big Sis Liz

So my last visit in Atlanta was with Liz, my Big Sis from my sorority. We celebrated 4th of July weekend together and what a fantastic time it was!

Here we are at her complex's pool for an inpromptu 4th of July cookout.
Me and Liz and her boyfriend Dan.
We went to see an oh so patriotic fireworks show at Stone Mountain Park!

Liz and her honey watching the lazerlight and fireworks show.

We had brunch at the great little place called the Flying Biscuit. Liz tells me the restaurant was started by the Indigo Girls.

That night we went with Dan and few of their other friends to see a hilarious comedy called Jewtopia. If the shows comes to your town, you should go see it. It was hilarious how they played off all the typical Jewish stereotypes.
Later that night Liz practiced her Torah portion because the next weekend was her synagogue's huge anniversary and she had to read the Torah portion because her family is the oldest in attendance there.
My last night there we had dinner with two of our other Gamma Phi sisters who reside in Atlanta.

It was such a fun visit and I was so glad I got to finally catch up with Liz and her busy life in Atlanta. Thanks for having me!

Adam graduates from COT!

So I was able to make it to Montegomery, Alabama to see Adam graduate from his Commissioned Officers Training.

Here is the parade field and the parade has begun. Do you see Adam up front?

Adam and two other officers stood in front of the parade field. That's why they are walking in a cluster of three rather than with their flights. It was pretty cool that he was volunteered to do that!

Here's Adam saluting the flag as it goes by in the parade to be followed by all of the flights.

Close up of my airforce chaplin! Just look at him, he is so official!

Tango Flight, which was Adam's, is parading by.
Adam rejoined his flight in the back to take his oath with everyone.

Congrats to all the COT graduates...here's where they toss their caps.

Adam standing beside the Airforce moto after graduating.
My husband, the commissioned officer and chaplin candidate and me, his proud wife!

Adam and his roommate

TANGO FLIGHT, good luck to you all!

Summer recap- a visit with the Deans

After being in Virginia Beach just long enough to get things unpacked, that being a day and a half. It was off to Atlanta for my second leg of trips, which would allow me to see Adam FINALLY and close friends as well!So I arrived in Atlanta and was picked up by Linds. We grabbed dinner and went to Trivia Night. We came in 4th place! Pretty good for amateur trivia players.
This is us the next day before leaving her apartment, which by the way is SUPER CUTE! She was off to a business trip with Darren and I was off to rent a car to drive to Montegomery, AL to see Adam graduate from COT.
After visiting Adam for a few days, it was back to Atlanta again for me. I even got to spend some extended time with the Deans, this time that included Darren. They showed me all around the northern parts of Atlanta. It was a blast.
Had to get in a game of Wii. They're boxing, the healthy way to deal with your aggression. I wasn't as a good as Lindsey when I boxed Darren though.
The next day it was off to UGA's alumni office to see Lindsey at work. Darren and I played the part of students interested in attending UGA while other real high school students were in attendance to hear what UGA had to offer and how the application process worked. Lindsey was a great admission counselor. I would be interested in applying if I saw her presentation and she was my admission counselor. Overall it was a fantastic visit!! Thanks guys for having me and making me feel so at home with the Deans!

Summer recap- New York City

Our next leg of the trip was a stop in Long Island to visit our cousins and to take a trip into New York City for a graduation tradition involving a little blue bag from Tiffany's and a heart.
Yum, real New York PIZZA!
Which play are we taking Anna to see?? That was a mystery up until showtime.
A lovely ride from Rockefeller Center to Times Square.
There's that Tiffany's bag! Congrats on graduating high school and carrying on the family tradition of being given a Tiffany heart necklace for graduation. Wear it in good health.
Cocktails at the View, a cool lounge that spins 360 degrees in a hour giving you a complete tour of the surounding skyscrapers.

Drum Roll...and the mystery is revealed. We went to see A Chorus Line on Broadway and Mario Lopez played the Director. It was a GREAT show!! LOVED IT!

Summer recap- visiting Jeannie and the girls

So it was time to begin the trip from Boston to Virginia Beach. My mom and sister flew up to Boston to make the drive back with me and we broke up the trip by stopping to see my mom's college roommate Jeannie in Connecticut followed by a stop in Long Island to see family. So here we are in Connecticut visiting with my adorable flower girls and their mom.
Me and my flower girls...they're getting so grown up!
Grabbing lunch at a cute bistro.

We brought them mankala as a gift.

Anna made the girls headpieces from flowers and plants. Pretty cute!

It was such a nice visit. We are hoping they make it down to Virginia Beach this summer for an extended visit.

Summer Recap- ANNA graduates!

So back in June my sister graduated from Cox High School in Virginia Beach and here are a few highlights of the graduate with her proud supporters! Congrats Anna! She's headed off to Radford in the fall.
The diploma...DONE!

My sister, the grad, and IThe grad and the boyfriend, Will
Half of the proud parents

The other half of the proud parents and grandparents too!

Traveling the East Coast

So life has been one trip after another these past few weeks and I have been taking tons of pictures of all of it. Now I just need to figure out the best way to get them from my camera onto the blog. So I should have them up within the next week, finally!

These trips included traveling to Virginia Beach from Boston with stops in Connecticut and New York with my mom and sister. This trip was then followed two days later by a flight to Atlanta where I visited with Lindsey and then rented a car to go and see Adam graduate from Commissioned Officers Training. Then it was back to Atlanta a little earlier than expected which meant I got to spend some quality time with both the Deans and then my Big sister, Liz. I really got a feel for Hotlanta and I believe I saw almost every neighborhood and suburb as well as some fireworks along the way, which was lots of fun!

So now I am finally HOME...although it doesn't feel like home yet because I am so used to just visiting. So for now it still feels like a long visit, but I'm sure that will change as I begin to catch up with people and put down real roots again. Roots being...attending our new church where Adam is going to be a Pastor making me a Pastor's Wife! CRAZY!! The other big piece of the puzzle for now is finding me a job. So far there's been a couple interviews, but no word yet. So I'll keep you posted and please keep our house's sale and my job prospects in your prayers because we need to tie up those last couple big loose ends.

Check back soon for a glimpse of all the fun travel that's gone on in the last month. XOXO

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