Summer recap- a visit with the Deans

After being in Virginia Beach just long enough to get things unpacked, that being a day and a half. It was off to Atlanta for my second leg of trips, which would allow me to see Adam FINALLY and close friends as well!So I arrived in Atlanta and was picked up by Linds. We grabbed dinner and went to Trivia Night. We came in 4th place! Pretty good for amateur trivia players.
This is us the next day before leaving her apartment, which by the way is SUPER CUTE! She was off to a business trip with Darren and I was off to rent a car to drive to Montegomery, AL to see Adam graduate from COT.
After visiting Adam for a few days, it was back to Atlanta again for me. I even got to spend some extended time with the Deans, this time that included Darren. They showed me all around the northern parts of Atlanta. It was a blast.
Had to get in a game of Wii. They're boxing, the healthy way to deal with your aggression. I wasn't as a good as Lindsey when I boxed Darren though.
The next day it was off to UGA's alumni office to see Lindsey at work. Darren and I played the part of students interested in attending UGA while other real high school students were in attendance to hear what UGA had to offer and how the application process worked. Lindsey was a great admission counselor. I would be interested in applying if I saw her presentation and she was my admission counselor. Overall it was a fantastic visit!! Thanks guys for having me and making me feel so at home with the Deans!

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