Summer recap- New York City

Our next leg of the trip was a stop in Long Island to visit our cousins and to take a trip into New York City for a graduation tradition involving a little blue bag from Tiffany's and a heart.
Yum, real New York PIZZA!
Which play are we taking Anna to see?? That was a mystery up until showtime.
A lovely ride from Rockefeller Center to Times Square.
There's that Tiffany's bag! Congrats on graduating high school and carrying on the family tradition of being given a Tiffany heart necklace for graduation. Wear it in good health.
Cocktails at the View, a cool lounge that spins 360 degrees in a hour giving you a complete tour of the surounding skyscrapers.

Drum Roll...and the mystery is revealed. We went to see A Chorus Line on Broadway and Mario Lopez played the Director. It was a GREAT show!! LOVED IT!

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