Traveling the East Coast

So life has been one trip after another these past few weeks and I have been taking tons of pictures of all of it. Now I just need to figure out the best way to get them from my camera onto the blog. So I should have them up within the next week, finally!

These trips included traveling to Virginia Beach from Boston with stops in Connecticut and New York with my mom and sister. This trip was then followed two days later by a flight to Atlanta where I visited with Lindsey and then rented a car to go and see Adam graduate from Commissioned Officers Training. Then it was back to Atlanta a little earlier than expected which meant I got to spend some quality time with both the Deans and then my Big sister, Liz. I really got a feel for Hotlanta and I believe I saw almost every neighborhood and suburb as well as some fireworks along the way, which was lots of fun!

So now I am finally HOME...although it doesn't feel like home yet because I am so used to just visiting. So for now it still feels like a long visit, but I'm sure that will change as I begin to catch up with people and put down real roots again. Roots being...attending our new church where Adam is going to be a Pastor making me a Pastor's Wife! CRAZY!! The other big piece of the puzzle for now is finding me a job. So far there's been a couple interviews, but no word yet. So I'll keep you posted and please keep our house's sale and my job prospects in your prayers because we need to tie up those last couple big loose ends.

Check back soon for a glimpse of all the fun travel that's gone on in the last month. XOXO

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