School's Out for Summer...and now the transition begins!

So after a quick trip to Virginia for Anna's High School Graduation (Pictures to come) it was back to Boston to finish tieing up loose ends...

Sunday morning was my last day at church. It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone. I will miss my GracePoint friends and students. You guys were like our family away from Virginia.

Monday was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! FINALLY!! Another day of saying goodbyes...I've decided I don't like saying goodbye. So it will just be see you later. We plan to be back up to visit of course. I even got to go out with a big group of teachers after school. It was nice just relaxing with them to end my time at the Butler.

Then that night it was an evening with Jess Phelps, Colleen and Kim just hanging out one last time for a while. I love you girls and I can't wait for our next visit! Us to Boston to you guys to Virginia Beach. I have to keep reminding myself it isn't goodbye because we WILL be seeing each other!

Tuesday was spent running around like a crazy person...a doctor's appointment, followed by canceling cable and phone, then over to a dentist appointment followed by a trip to Logan Airport to pick up my mom and sister. Then it was finally off to get a massage to relax, of course this massage was supposed to be Adam's, but he couldn't fit it in with the sudden transition. That night we had one last dinner at our fave chinese restaurant Su Changs...and then home to pack the car.

Today we finished packing the car. It's full to the brim and then it was final touches on our house to make sure it's in selling condition. Please continue to pray for us that the right buyer comes along to buy our condo!! That's really our last loose end and it's a big one!

So my mom, sister and I piled into the Explorer and headed for Connecticut to see my mom's college roommate Jeannie who has the twins that were flower girls in my wedding. Friday we're headed to New York for the weekend and then finally home to Virginia on Monday. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post next week! It's just the beginning of our new transition to Virginia Beach! Wish me luck!


Austin and Courtney said...

Yay Jess! Good luck! :)

Dan and Lisa said...

yay! good luck. call me when you are in town and have some time. we're moving all next week, but we'll be here :)

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