Hiking Mount Monadnock

This is Mount Monadnock.
Mount Monadnock is often described as the most hiked mountain in the United States as well as the second most hiked mountain in the world, with 125,000 hikers yearly, behind only Mount Fuji in Japan, with about 200,000 yearly hikers.

At 3,165 feet, it is nearly 1,000 feet higher than any mountain peak within 30 miles and rises 2,000 feet above the surrounding landscape and that folks is what we were about to hike or CLIMB (at least it felt more like climbing at times)!

Here's our group as we get ready to set off for the summit. The terrain starting out...let's just say there were lots of rocks along the way!

Here I go!! My first real hike!

And we're off...

We just kept going and three hours later we reached the top!
Here I am sitting at the highest peak of the summit! CRAZY, I was on top of a mountain, literally!

It felt like quite an accomplishment and I think I actually do like hiking. HOWEVER, now I know that the next time people want to go hiking, I should ask what the terrain is going to be like because I was expecting a very long walk with some hills along way...I can't say I was expecting to climb a mountain, but at least now I can say that I did it and a famous one at that! I guess I'll have to climb Mount Fuji next?! Any takers?

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