Memorial Day

We had one last day of fun in Boston, before Adam left for COT, on Memorial Day.
We met the Youngs at Quincy Market and grabbed lunch at Dick's Last Resort. If you ever eat there be ready for the waiters to do their best to insult you, it's pretty hilarious actually.You get cute bibs and everything. You'd think it was a rib joint, but it's not.
Here's Colleen and Adam.
This is my Adam inside Faneiul Hall and he's making a silly face at me for wanting to take his picture.Here are the two Adams mimicking their fave beer genious and forefather, Sam Adams in front of Fanieul Hall.
Some pretty shots around Boston on a beautiful day.
Adam and I in front of the original Cheers, where everybody knows your name.
A shot of the famous North Church which was an important part of Paul Revere's ride.
"One if by land, two if by sea"!

We definately enjoyed our day in Boston. It left us with a few more fond memories of this area and fun times for Adam to think about on his way to COT.

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