Packing donations for orphans in Moldova

For the last three years our church has sent a shipment of packages donated by the members of our church to an orphanage in Tocuz, Moldova with a team to hand everything out to the children.
This year our church is sending a team in September and my friend Colleen is leading the trip. So recently we had collection Sunday and Adam and I were able to help out by checking items in and building crates to ship all the packages.

We zip tied all the bags to make sure they arrive the way they left.

We had four cars full of donated bags packed like this.

Here are the guys who literally built a wooden crate to ship the packages.

Then when all the packages would not fit in the first crate, they had to build a second.

Women's work was to organize and check in the bags followed by wrapping the newly built crates.We were very proud of our blue crate!
Adam was working very hard at all points during the day, but I guess there came a point when he needed a break.After working all day, we got a little goofy in the warehouse taking turns riding the equipment.
It was definately a fun filled day and for a good cause too!
We're all really excited to see how God uses this shipment to show these orphans how God loves them.

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